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Simple Works Best: Doing Sit Ups And Crunches To Workout Abs

When you ask any man what sort of feature they would like on their body a few might say big arms or big pecs, but I would imagine the majority will focus on having toned abs. This is something that women love and which shows off a man who keeps himself fit, healthy and fully in shape. In order to get these abs does take work, however, and you will need to combine a good diet with a good fitness regime, both cardio and muscle building.

The reward is worth taking the effort not only for the beauty sake! The more you exercise the higher dopamine levels will be, which is great for keeping you more motivated and active in life in general. Here are the two main exercises that people use to workout abs.

The two primary exercises that focus on the abs sit-ups ups and crunches. When doing a sit up all you have to do is to lie down on your back on the floor with the soles of your feet flat on the ground, about the width of your shoulders apart. You can put your hands on your chest and then contract the abs in order to bring the chest up to the knees. It is a very simple exercise but one that is popular both because of its simplicity and because of the fact that you can vary it massively.

This is the basic sit up but you can make it more difficult in various ways. You can extend your arms above your head or prop them behind you neck. You could use an exercise ball which will make you work harder on balance as well. You can even prop weights onto you chest to make the sit up extra hard.

When you are doing crunches you will more or less start off in the same position as the sit up position. You will then contract your abs in the same ways but will only bring your head up and your shoulders off the ground.

Again, they can be varied a lot to add difficulty and focus on different areas of the mid section. If you cross your leg over to one side you will focus more on the obliques. If you bring your legs up off the ground as well you will focus on your lower abs.

It is because of all of the different variations on offer with these exercises that makes them so popular and useful.

The perfect belly is not essential. Many prove to live a happy life without. From the other hands, a nice 6 pack will definitely raise your dating chances and confidence, not speaking about boosting your health! It’s been scientifically proven that a waist bigger than 80 cm increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.