Eliminate your Doubts and Misconceptions about Online Gaming

Online gaming in India is a mainstream entertainment today. After struggling for over two decades, things appear to be working in favor of the industry. With its first footprints of genesis dating way back to the late 1990s, it was not until a couple of years ago, did the industry start witnessing tremendous growth. Thanks to the smartphone revolution in the country, game developers have shifted their focus to the mobile platform and are working on building their businesses around it. As mobile gaming is turning out to be the next big platform of new age gamers, it’s time we separate facts from fiction and clear the air of any doubts and misconceptions about a booming industry like online gaming.

A booming industry

Whether you’d love to hate it, but the fact is online gaming is a booming industry at present in the country. If the facts are any indication, then online gaming in India is expected to grow from USD 290 million in 2017 to USD 1 billion by the year 2021. From casual games like Candy Crush and skill-based games like an online free rummy card game to action-filled games like Counter-Strike and Insurgency, every genre of games is vehemently played by both casual and hardcore gamers. The industry which was for all these years plagued by the unstable internet connectivity has finally been able to take significant strides of growth with mobile broadband.

Online gamers on the rise

Online gaming is not just another fad that may fizzle out any time soon. Take a look at the stats that depict the growing interest of digital age gamers. From 120 million online players in the year 2016, this number is expected to shoot up to 310 million players by 2021. Again, with the mobile phones becoming cheaper each day and the availability of better and fast internet services on mobile phones, there is a steep rise in online gamers too. The focus has now radically shifted from pricey console-based games and hardware dependent PC games to mobile-friendly games. According to KPMG-Google report from a small 1.6 GB per person data consumption, the number is expected to soar up to 7 GB per person of consumption. Apart from action and RPG games, the other favorite genres of games include social and card games like free rummy game online.

Focus on Indian game developers

From being a small backend support function center to developing a full-fledged game, Indian gaming companies have come a long way. The journey which began with around 25 years ago two decades ago has number evolved to 25 companies primarily working on developing localized games. The ease with which online gamers can download the games and play, coupled with the popularity of India-centric games like online Indian rummy game with local content has put India as the potential market on the world map.

Global players’ participation

The rapid growth in the last couple of years has brought sheer to the industry. The acquisitions, fundraising, and investments have given a shot in the arm to the companies which were until recently struggling to find their foothold.


Online gaming is shaping to the entertainment of the future. While game developers are battling to be ahead in the race, it is online gamers smiling all the way.