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Applying for a Job… 5 Simple Tips

So, you’ve finished university. Three or four years of perpetual hard work, or six or more for those reading medicine and architecture; now comes the hard task of converting your studies into actual jobs. Here we discuss five simple ways to stand out from the crowd, with tips on how to ease the application process.

  1. Do your research:

Failing to plan is planning to fail; one simple phrase that holds a whole lot of truth. Doing your research into your different career choices is imperative. You may miss out on the opportunity to apply to areas of work that never occurred to you, like psychology jobs or paralegal work.

  1. Don’t miss out on work experience:

Looking for ways to stand out amongst a crowd of students that have studied the same course as you? Work experience. Although the studying of a course is vital, physical labour often helps you understand fully what it takes to commit to the job. Similarly, it shows you have individualism and know how to handle yourself in the employment market- after all, you have already contacted an employer to find some work experience.

  1. Utilise your network; your net-worth is in your network:

While applying for different jobs, it is worthwhile to ask around your family members or friends– you may discover connections to the job of your dreams through a family friend! Not only does it ease the application process when you have an association with the employer, but it may help when it comes to accommodation near the job- a friend or someone in your family may be able to offer you living space, or at least offer you advice for the best places in the area. 

  1. Know your competition and your weaknesses- and how to overcome them:

Everybody has weaknesses, but not everybody knows how to either diminish them, or conquer them entirely. Most importantly, it is crucial to understand who you are competing with when applying for jobs- you don’t want your weakness to be someone else’s strength. While asking those who have either applied for the same job as you or have been recently hired is essential, try not to give too much away! And of course, maintain a powerful sense of enthusiasm, accept your failings and learn on how to improve them!

  1. Be yourself:

Sustaining your own unique-ness is absolutely crucial when applying for jobs. Employers are not looking for the same people, they want employees that will benefit their company in the best way possible, and that includes with their personality and character. Although top qualifications are great, a lack of interest for the company or even a personality is enough to put an employer off; embrace your own differences and show them off!

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