Revealing The Best Of 2018 Trends For Bedroom Design
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Revealing The Best Of 2018 Trends For Bedroom Design

Trends are always the first talk of the town every year since people are always looking for new and fresh ideas ̶ given that bedroom styles are rapidly changing nowadays. Half of the year has passed by but it is never too late for a bedroom makeover especially if you think that your bedroom is looking a bit boring. So if you are up for a change before this year ends, then here’s some of the best trends bedroom design.


Minimalistic bedroom design created an impact on this year’s bedroom design. Minimalism is celebrating the beauty of simplicity, so to appreciate this design one should have a wide bedroom. However, having a spacious bedroom is not necessary since most people would have the regular, standard size of a room.

Working with this design could be achieved by making your room look bigger through decluttering useless things and leaving the important furniture and accessories inside the room without it looking cluttered.


The Yin to the minimalistic bedroom design is the luxurious bedroom interior, which was confirmed by the interior designer Mark Cutler to be back in a big way. If you are thinking that this would indicate splurging of money then you are thinking wrong ̶ it does not need to be. Think of fabrics such as velvets and faux fur to bring out the sophistication to your royalty-like room.

Also, the color of the wall greatly impacts a bedroom’s interior so be sure to choose colors that are rich and saturated jewel tones such as purple. Additionally, do not forget about the bed and beddings. Invest in new beddings and probably a new mattress too to add a majestic feel. Just do research on the internet and read up about finding the best mattress online to save time.

Wallpaper Modern Flair

Wallpapers are dated back of our grandmother’s timeline but it never goes out of style, instead it kept on being innovated that the modern day still fancy wallpapers. Today’s wallpaper prints have modern flair and intricate designs which is fused with any style from glam to casual bohemian.

If it comes to adding layers of depth and creativeness to any space inside the room then the wallpaper is your friend with its intricate textures, colorful stripes, and geometrics.

The Wabi-Sabi Touch

The wabi-sabi trend is an ancient Japanese philosophy which celebrates imperfection and authenticity. This kind of design is budget-friendly wise since the main purpose of this bedroom interior design is to be contented in what you have ̶ even the broken stuff. A simple way of achieving this look is through an imperfectly made bed which creates a casual and a relaxed bedroom look.

The Gen Z Yellow

If you think that colors are not part of the trends then you’re thinking wrong. Gen Z yellow took over the runway and has made its way into our homes. This sunny color can make any room feel happy with its bright hues ̶ try mingling this color with throw pillow, curtains, or some fun piece of yellow art.

Take Away

Bedroom interiors are important since bedroom is probably the place that we most use among any other areas inside our homes. Bedrooms are also the place where we re-energize after a long day of activities spent outside the house and it is important for a bedroom to provide you a refreshing and comfortable environment.

More importantly, know that the revamping of your bedroom does not need to exhaust your pocket money—a simple and creative bedroom design is enough.

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