Top 5 Mistakes That Will Make KSA Writing Disgusting

Top 5 Mistakes That Will Make KSA Writing Disgusting

Applying for a federal job is not always the easiest task for many. You need to understand that there is a lot of competition out there. In hindsight, this is what makes it the most difficult. When you are writing your KSA, be sure to highlight who you are and what you can bring to the table. Your experiences are different to those of others and should be written about. There are also a lot of mistakes people make when it comes to writing a KSA.

Even if you believe that you don’t know how much of this you can put down on paper, you are overthinking it. Stick to the basics of ksa writing and most of the hard work is done. You are going to have to dig very deep to make this work. Try to think back on some of those accomplishments that you forgot about. These need to go onto your KSA. You do have knowledge and skills in some area of your life and you need to highlight it. There are some common mistakes people make when writing the KSA and it has detrimental effects.

Incorrect Format

Whenever there is any type of formal writing, you need to know what the standard format is. If you get this part wrong, it shows not only disrespect for the process, but also that you are not taking this seriously. It may not be your intention, but just be weary of making this mistake. It is as easy as forgetting to put the specific job you are applying for in the correct space. Look at a few examples before you even start working on your KSA.

No keywords

Some people still do not understand the importance of keywords when applying for a job. Not everyone lives on the internet and it is a simple mistake that can be easily avoided. In your KSA, you need to include relevant keywords. You should even include this in your federal cover letter when you apply. A lot of applications go through the system and keywords are usually a huge deciding factor.

Minimal detail

A KSA does require a lot of information and this is many times missed. You need to go into detail about what the issue was and how you resolved it. Then you have to talk about the financial impact, time saved and how it impacted who you are now. Do not just give the problem and how you fixed it. This is not a true reflection of the accomplishments and skills that you have under your belt.


This is a place where you want to sell yourself in a positive manner, but overselling just looks desperate. State the facts and your passion for this particular job. When you look at ksa examples be sure to notice the passive selling. If you have the knowledge, skills and ability to take on this job, you are enough. There is no need to exaggerate any part of what you have achieved. You are simply providing them with the truth and based on that you want them to make a decision.

Poor writing

One of the worst mistakes people make when writing a KSA is that not enough attention are paid to the quality of the writing. Remember that your writing is a reflection of who you are. Look out for any typos and grammar mistakes. It is so easy to make these mistakes, but it is also easy to avoid it. If you have to use a spelling and grammar checker, then that is what you do.


You can write a convincing KSA without much trouble if you follow the steps. Avoid mistakes which makes your work seem inadequate. Focus on the facts and do not leave out important information. After that you simply have to use the correct format and write a high quality KSA. Also remember that if you do not get the job, there might have just been a small difference between you and the candidate who got it. You might be the lucky one the next time.

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