How Ecommerce has Evolved During the Last Few Years?
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How Ecommerce has Evolved During the Last Few Years?

Digital marketing services in the USA are empowering E-commerce. Businesses are growing online each day, and marketers advertise them to target audience via digital platforms, such as; social media platforms, search engines, and mobile applications. According to Shopify, retail e-commerce sales will reach $ 4.5 trillion by 2021 globally. This estimation proves that the trend of online shopping will only continue to grow and reach new heights as customers want personalized-experience.

E-commerce has experienced a lot of changes from the start. With the evolution of search engine, artificial intelligence, social media, and blogging, this field has affected the lives of online shoppers. Statista report also shows that around 1.66 billion people purchase goods online. And, it is all because of the growing technologies in this field.

Let us consider the latest trends that are going to have a considerable impact in the coming years.

The Use of Chatbots

Online shoppers and e-commerce consumers are more likely to interact with the brand on a 1-to-1 basis. They want to communicate directly via messaging apps like WhatsApp and get relevant information. E-commerce businesses also have come to know the importance of customer interaction. Therefore, they have automated this process and now using chatbots for this purpose.

Chatbots: These are computer programs or artificially intelligent devices that conduct a conversation with customers via the auditory or textual method. They respond to users’ queries and give them relevant information within no time. As these programs become more advanced, they can respond to more variety of questions and display human behavior.

This trend is not only beneficial for e-commerce business entities but customers also. Ubisend report states that around 35% of online consumers want to interact with chatbots. This number is estimated to be increasing in the future.

Examples of Chatbots: There are some chatbots available in the market Such as; IBM Watson and Botsify.

Incorporating Voice Commerce

According to Gartner, 20% of web browsing will be done without screen by 2020. Also, around 20% of US-adults are already using smart speakers via Google Home or Amazon Echo.

These stats highlight that such system can effectively reach target business consumers. It will turn into a new marketing channel in coming years. Hence, it will be impossible for marketers and businesses to neglect platforms like; Google Express and Amazon Prime.

Impact of Growing International Markets

The whole world is turning global. International markets are continuously growing. People are purchasing products or services not just from the local markets but also from the international brands. The World Trade Organization estimates that global markets will continue to grow by 4.4% in 2018. The reason for this growth is the quality and the authenticity of the products. However, there are also some barriers in this field like; delivery time, shipping costs and more.

Hence, e-commerce businesses are now investing in the native marketing strategy. They are investing in the growing economic markets across the borders to resolve issues regarding cost, shipping speed and security. Nielsen research has shown that around 57% of online shoppers have made an overseas purchase in the past six months.

Web and Mobile Application Development Services

Web and mobile application development services are also a growing trend. Everyone has smart gadgets facilitating in interacting with the world in a user-friendly manner. Such applications provide user-friendly interfaces to customers to choose from the products or services using their phones.

Via this technology, marketers effectively target relevant audience or more precisely generation Z. Users are more easily engaged with the business as they are more easily attracted to buy the product or service.


As digital marketing dimensions and technological advancements take place, digital marketers and e-commerce businesses have to keep an eye on the trending technologies. Incorporating new technologies in the business as described above and adapting accordingly to the changing environment is a definite way to make your e-commerce business entities commercially successful.

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