Why Integrating Web Designing with Instagram is Essential For E-commerce?

Why Integrating Web Designing with Instagram is Essential For E-commerce?

One of the most used social media platform today-Instagram is gaining more popularity day by day.It has millions of active users, and the count is just multiplying! Due to such an enormous number of users, all the brands today are makingInstagram a source to grow and market their business. Instagram has various business tools to promote and advertise business; however, integrating web designing and Instagram is a challenging task. Web designers or brands can use the following ways to combine Instagram and their website:

Focusing on sales: The integration must be done keeping the sales motive as the key motive. A web page should be designed in such a way that it has easy links to the brands Instagram business page and from there the direct links to purchase products of the brand. Making sales through Instagram advertising can be really expensive for small business firms hence such techniques can really work wonders to boost their sales.

Creative Instagram page: Instagram is very creative in its own way; Instagram business pages should be loaded with quality content and images. The Instagram business page gives the opportunity to brands to provide a professional look to their business page setting a brand image for the users. A business page on Instagram can be linked to e-commerce sites/website through the inclusion of respective thumbnails.

Featuring hashtags: Another way to collaborate Instagram and website is through the trending social media tool called “hashtag”! The modern generation is obsessed with making the use of various hashtags in every post. Brands can make use of different hashtags related to their post or niche in their post. Including hashtags increases the visibility of the Instagram page. Also, apart from that in order to build a cordial relationship with the customers, the brands can create a hashtag for a particular purpose or social cause and bring together all the people under this hashtag. The group of people who come together under the hashtag can then be featured on the brand’s website. This makes the customers feel more related to the brand thus improving both sales and goodwill.

Embedding Instagram feeds and including badges: At times keeping it simple is the most innovative trick.In order to give users a quick jump to the brands Instagram page, the web designers can simply add the Instagram badge somewhere near the corner or bottom of the page without affecting the original promotional data of the website. In this way, the website will be, and the main purpose of the brand will also not be affected. Apart from that, the web designers can also embed the Instagram feed focusing on the main area of the attraction of the users. Embedding Instagram feeds that is well linked with the products and the web features such as web layout and graphics makes the integration more unique.

Adding followers to your Instagram account is essential to promote your site and business. You can get real Instagram followers easily, which will help you in promoting yourself.

There are several other ways of integrating Instagram and web designing.Brands can try some or all of them whichever turns out to be successful for them. However, the main motive should be targeting sales by providing easy axis to brands Instagram pages.

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