Will College MMA Add An Edge To My Qualification?
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Will College MMA Add An Edge To My Qualification?

Any extra curricular activity that is opted with regular course almost always proves to be helpful if it is balanced properly. Students who, at a young age, learn to create this balance in their lives grow up to be skilled professionals in any field they want to enter. MMA is something that not only makes you a skilled fighter but also brings certain personality changes that give you a head start when you enter professional life. One can say that college MMA gives a fine polish to all the education you get. Following are a few positive things that might come with your qualification if you choose to train for MMA:


One thing that will make you an actually qualified individual and not just someone with a college degree is discipline. College MMA under a professional trainer will teach you discipline and hence prepare you for the future. It will overall enhance your personality and teach you importance of time management, work ethic and other important skills. Knowing that you are reaching all these milestones because of your improved discipline, your sense of accomplishment will exert positive psychological effects on your behavior.


You will learn to establish a balance between studies as well as other activities and how to prioritize important commitments. Learning it at college level will translate into you becoming a person who balances everything in life from work to friends to other unofficial commitments.

This balance will also be seen in your diet and time management skills.


A healthy body has a healthy mind. No matter where you are, which field you choose, physical fitness plays an important role in excelling there. MMA is all about physical fitness. A trainee if does nothing else, he at the very least keeps himself fit. While training you will learn how to take care of yourself and you will have improved academic performance. If you compare yourself with a classmate who does not keep himself fit, you will notice difference in your energy levels, concentration and even mood.


Once you learn how to make this workable for you, your energy levels will touch the roof. Practicing MMA and staying fit secretes happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine that give you a sense of well-being. You will experience lesser lethargy and will get work done at a faster rate. Your grasping power will increase and you will develop intellectually. Many teachers have noticed a difference in their student’s grades after they have engaged in physical activity. Their energy levels were found to be better than their fellows who did not work out at all.


With all the work out and extreme training, you will soon see the fat tissue in your body being replaced by muscle fibers. Increased muscle mass and faster metabolism will itself demand nutrition which will result in an increased appetite in a positive way. The more energy you take in, more your brain will use it to improve functioning of the body. Your diet will turn into something meaningful because you will be counting calories, from just stuffing your body with food. Your improved BMI (body mass index) and BMR (basal metabolic rate) will force you to never go back to your old, unhealthy eating habits. This again will also help you avoid a group of lifestyle diseases like hypertension and obesity.


With all the above mentioned positive impacts of training in MMA with your studies, your confidence will touch new heights. Your small everyday accomplishments in MMA training and then being praised for them will make you believe in yourself more than ever and it will put a direct impact on your qualification, making you stand ahead of many your age. The New York Times published a report on how when MMA made its way to high school, the students’ abilities got enhanced.

MMA training at college level also helps in building self esteem even if you are not excelling academically.


American Heart Association conducted a survey which included making students go through a series of standardized tests throughout the year. The results revealed that students who took part in physical activities like MMA performed better. Their team spirit was also high. They were proactive and focused.


Your college training will let you study MMA in detail, help you give direction to your interests. It will also teach you all the pros and cons.

Making a career in MMA would be comparatively easier for you because you will be in a habit of staying fit and eating healthy which will help you start professional training as soon as you get done with college. All of these things will act as a single force in making you successful.

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