$10 for Dinner: 7 Cheap Eating Places In New York

Michelin stars, fixed menus at $100, fashionable chefs…this is only one side of the multifaceted restaurant culture of New York. It may look amazing, but the fact is that you can eat well in this magnificent city even for $10. Cheap dining places create around themselves no less excitement than the most famous culinary establishments of New York. So, here are the best money-saving spots to eat available in the city. Use car rental in New York to find them easily and quickly…



What can be better than a traditional New York bagel for breakfast? A hearty bagel with cream cheese or salmon can be found almost on every street, but if you want to taste a real one, guaranteed a fresh bagel, don’t go anywhere. With Ess-A-Bagel you’ll be always satisfied: they have been keeping traditions since the 70s and still attract thousands of hungry visitors day by day. If you find it difficult to choose between different species, take one that is still warm. There are different types of cream cheese from tofu for vegans. This happiness will cost you about $4-5/bagel.

Address: 831 3rd Ave, New York

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 6am-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 6am-5pm


Panini Milanese @ Gaia Italian Cafè

(photo by Michael Hussey)

For a few years of existence, this tiny Italian cafe Gaia situated on E Houston Street has acquired not only fans, but also enemies. In terms of food this place is unique: fresh Panini at home focaccia and excellent hot dishes like gnocchi with spinach served with tomato sauce cost only $5-7/portion. What is the catch? Well, accustomed to the rapid rhythm of life, New Yorkers periodically disturb hot-tempered hostess, who tells clients everything she thinks about them. The main advice – if you still want to try real home-made dishes of Italian cuisine, behave quietly and play by her rules. It’s worth it!

Address: 251 E Houston St, New York

Working Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday 11am-3.30pm, 6.30pm-11pm, Sunday and Monday closed

Otto’s Tacos

Shrimp Taco, at Otto's Taco

(photo by Scott Lynch)

A small Mexican café with authentic tacos in the East Village was opened just over a year ago and immediately fell into a variety of gastronomic top lists in New York. They are famous for homemade taco shells (tortillas), secret sauce and crispy masa fries. In less busy hours, for example, at the beginning of the week Otto’s Tacos offers a secret dish called “Gorgon”, which is not included into menu. Ask the waiters about it, and if you’re lucky, it will appear on your plate soon.

Address: 141 2nd Ave, New York

Working Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-11pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-12am


grilled eggplant and mozz sammich innards

(photo by Robyn Lee)

If you want to taste cheap eastern food, then head to Taim. You will find there dishes of classical Israeli cuisine in a fresh American interpretation. The best falafel in the city is represented in three types: green falafel, with harissa sauce or with red pepper. In addition to this dish, pita bread accompanied with coleslaw, tahini and fresh homemade sauces are also served. A simple falafel will cost around $7, which is considered to be quite expensive for this dish, but the quality will be just outstanding.

Address: 45 Spring St, New York

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm


Maman Cafe  City Shoot

Maman is an excellent place for an easy lunch during the visiting the galleries and shops of Soho district. This nice looking French bistro offers a good choice of healthy seasonal salads, sandwiches and quiche at the price of $6-7/portion. It’s also famous for desserts – chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes are especially tasty. When you go inside, don’t be frightened of the size of the cafe: there is a passage on the left, where all the tables are located.

Address: 45 Spring St, New York

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Beyond Sushi


Sushi made of fish? No, they haven’t heard that. A small cafe in the Union Square area serves only vegetarian variations of everyone’s favorite Japanese dish. The menu includes not only cucumbers and avocados. The variety surprises: mushrooms, sweet potato, mango, nuts, and bean sprouts are also presented. Plus, instead of white rice they use dark one, which is even healthier. If you are skeptical about the idea of rolls without salmon and “California” cheese, give Beyond Sushi a chance to impress your taste buds. Their “combo” sets are a good option for your dinner.

Address: 229 E 14th St, New York

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 11.30am-9.30pm

Xi’an Famous Foods

Xi'an Famous Foods, St. Mark's Place branch, New York

The first cafe of a small family chain was opened in Queens ten years ago. Over the years, business has grown, and now there are about five tiny establishments in New York where hipsters taste home-made Chinese noodles. Xi’an’s entourage on St Marks Place is unassuming, but you can always enjoy there the selection of hits of the hip-hop’s Golden Age. The fact is that owner Jason Wang is a big fan of such music. In terms of eating, everything is delicious: it’s no coincidence that this place constantly gets into popular culinary TV-shows and top gastronomic ratings.

Address: 81 St Marks Pl, New York

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-11pm

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