Expecting a Baby: 5 Essential Items for Pregnant Women

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Most pregnant women and expecting mothers are often short of advice and warnings about taking care of themselves and their respective babies. If you want to have a safe pregnancy, then you must consider all sorts of seemingly common and safe household objects. Such as cosmetic products, food packagings, and even furniture.

For sure, pregnancy is a wonderful journey. It certainly brings you genuine happiness and of course a bundle of joy. However, it can also be a life-and-death situation, especially if you are not protecting yourself from potential threats that can put your health and your baby’s health in jeopardy.

Fortunately, there are essential items that can help you get through the pregnancy process safely, check out the list below.

Rocking Chairs

Most women would want to be a mother in the future. However, before indulging in that path, you should know that it is full of excruciating pain and other complications, most especially because of the restricted and controlled movements allowed.

If you are expecting a baby of your own, know that you will not be able to move easily and smoothly as before. And during the pregnancy period, you will certainly need enough rest and deep sleep.

Lack of sleep might cause you different health problems such as insomnia and other ailments. Thankfully, there are rocking or glider chairs that can accommodate various positions. Know that pregnant women can’t lie down or sleep on the bed night and day. Laying on the bed isn’t as comfortable as it may seem.

For good, deep sleep, shop for high-quality rocking chairs in any online store. This type of furniture is not for single use only. You can also make use of the rocking chair after giving birth.

Pregnancy Pillows

As stated above, sleep is necessary for pregnant women. They should get enough sleep as they can now before giving birth. Luckily, there are lots of pregnancy pillows available in the market to help you resolve stressed during pregnancy.

Pregnancy pillows range in different designs and styles to help you out with various sleep issues, like muscle pains and overheating. Some of the designs aim to assist you to relieve pressure and stress in areas like your neck, back, legs, and stomach. 

For example, an infant maternity support pillow from Jojo Mama Bébé. Though it may look like an unattractive pillow, it adapts and supports you very well. For sure, you will never wake up with aches and pains.

Fresh, New Bras

Fresh, new bras are also important for pregnant women. They will have to purchase new bras since their chest increases during the pregnancy period. You will easily know when to buy a new one when you detect any indentions while taking the bra off.

Find an excellent maternity bra that fits you accordingly and comfortably. Make sure that it has broad straps, some extra hooks, and soft material like cotton. Also, know that maternity bras certainly don’t have underwire cups.

Purchase at least three maternity bras so that you can easily change one or two for a day. Still in doubt? Ask the saleswoman in a bra shop to help you out. You will know if it is the right fit when there is no pinching or bunching while sitting or standing.

Ginger Tea

Most of the time, nausea or morning sickness takes all the control out of you. While you cannot avoid this feeling of sickness during the pregnancy period, you can prevent the desire to puke by having a ginger tea within reach.

It is natural and caffeine-free. Thus, you do not have to fear about hurting the baby or staying up all night if you intake some before going to bed.

Maternity Dresses and Jeans

Pregnant, Mother, Pregnancy, Pregnant Woman, Big Belly

Listen up ladies because this is one of the most important things that every pregnant woman should have, loose-fitting and comfortable maternity clothes. Maternity clothes do not automatically mean inelegant and unfashionable. Shop for stylish maternity dresses in any online store like French Connection.

Know that there are tons of stylish yet comfortable maternity clothes available in the market, like a pair of jeans with a stretchable belly panel. It is stylish and cozy on the waistline. Aside from jeans, you can also opt for maternity dresses. Find dresses that are flattering and convenient at the same time.


Of course, every woman’s pregnancy journey is different from one another. But, there are essential pregnancy items or gears that can help make the whole duration much easier, regardless of what type of pregnancy you have. From rocking chairs to maternity clothes, nine months of carrying your child will be painless and uncomplicated. For any health matter, you can read here at Magazine Mantra.