5 Tips for Beginners Who Want to Go on a Backpacking Trip around Southeast Asia

With its pristine beaches, tropical rainforests, and rolling mountains, there is no reason why you should not include Southeast Asia on your travel bucket list. Aside from the natural attractions, the region is also rich when it comes to culture, and it is brimming with hospitable and interesting people.

No wonder that Southeast Asia has become one of the ideal places in the world for travel, especially for backpackers. There are a lot of backpackers who have traveled or who want to travel around Southeast Asia. If you want to go on a backpacking trip in this beautiful region, here is a list of tips that you should follow to have a fun, safe, and enjoyable journey.

Check Out the Weather

When it comes to traveling, it is essential that you know beforehand about the weather and climate of the place you are visiting. Southeast Asia is a region known for its hot and humid climate. If you want to take a journey in this place, it is essential that you prepare yourself for the climate.

Aside from the tropical climate, there are also monsoon months that you need to consider. Monsoon season is typically a rainy season, and it might not be advisable to travel during these months. For you to know the best season for travels, you need to check various websites of Southeast Asian countries before your visit.

Plan Your Budget

Budget is one of the top priorities when traveling, and you should plan your budget according to the place you are visiting and how you are going to experience it. When it comes to backpacking around Southeast Asia, you do not have to make a big budget. You just need to bring with you enough money to cover your expenses.

You can make do with a 25-dollar daily budget if you are going to visit in most Southeast Asian countries. This 25-dollar daily budget can cover your basic lodging accommodation, and you can relish the delectable Southeast Asian foods with this money.

Consider Camping Out

If you are traveling on a shoestring budget, you can consider camping out. In many countries in Southeast Asia, there is a lot of beautiful and ideal places to go on camping outdoors. Aside from the considerable amount of money-savings, camping out will also let you experience the beautiful sceneries of Southeast Asia during the night.  

However, if you are going to camp out, you should make it as your top priority, your security, and safety.

Know about the Culture of the Place You are Visiting

Southeast Asia is a region where you can find many diverse cultures. Aside from the thriving culture in modern cities, there are tribal communities that you can visit to trace the history of the people of each place. You can find a host budget-friendly offers for a tour to visit these rural tribal communities.

Southeast Asian countries like the Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, and many others are home to a rich culture of tribal communities.

Make Sure to Pack Your Things Up Lightly

Keep in mind that you are going to carry your backpack on your travel. For this purpose, you need to pack your things up lightly. Relieve yourself from packing several pairs of jeans on your trip because it will put on too much weight on your back.

Just bring with you your travel essentials such as your beach shorts, T-shirts, underwears, and a sunglass. For you pack these things, make sure to buy a backpack that is suitable for traveling.


Backpacking around the beautiful places in Southeast Asia is indeed a one of a lifetime experience. Backpacking is an excellent way to experience a new culture, people, landmarks, and natural attractions. But in planning your journey, you should acquaint yourself with the essential backpacking travel tips in Southeast Asia.

For instance, you must consider the weather, plan your budget, go on outdoor camping, learn the culture, and pack your things up lightly. For packing your belongings, you can find high-quality backpacks in sites like Luggage Online for this.