Allow Your Child To Benefit from A Nursery

Allow Your Child To Benefit from A Nursery

It may surprise you to learn that children receive real and lasting benefits from attending a nursery school before they begin to receive their public education. Children are remarkably intelligent and capable of innovative thought and more that would shock an adult. It is during their early development that children make the most progress and learn the most. After all, the first few years of their lifetime are dedicated to literally learning a new language from watching and listening to the world around them and the same is true of walking, playing, and more.


Children who receive the chance to attend a nursery develop social awareness much faster in that they learn how to share; how to start, keep, and end a friendship; and how to read the body language of their peers. Adults will always attempt to teach a child everything that he or she may need to know to grow into a contributing member of society but some lessons are only truly learned through interactions with others of the same age. Children who regularly play together learn how to win and lose with grace, how to recognise distress and offer comfort, and far more than could be explained in this article.

Allow Your Child To Benefit from A Nursery


The best nurseries in Dubai offer no shortage in regards to your child’s opportunities to play and interact with the work around them. This constant movement will only offer them benefits and advantages over time. For example, a child given at least one hour of active play a day will grow up to have a reduced risk of cardiac arrest, hypertension, diabetes, and other health risks linked to obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Nurseries offer areas inside the building to play as well as plenty of outdoor space for children to receive the proper amount of sun exposure to keep their Vitamin D levels at the ideal levels for healthy growth.


Although nurseries are decidedly less about sitting a child down and offering him or her an education as they are about giving a child a safe place to stay during the day, they offer structure in a way that cannot be found at home. Nurseries must by nature operate using a strict schedule of play, eating, rest, educational and creative activities, and more so that the children may be safely and effectively cared for during their stay. This structure will help those in attendance learn how to follow instructions and a schedule set forth by their authority figures, effectively helping them to find greater success once they begin schooling.

Children especially benefit from the chance to interact with their peers because it is through these interactions that they develop their personalities. A child given the chance to excel among his or her friends is more likely to be open with his or her emotions and to make better marks in school.