What Is Art and Design Clearing?

Well, let’s start with what is clearing? Clearing is the way how universities and colleges fill any places that they still have on their courses. Clearing simply gives someone the chance to be considered by other universities for entry if they have applied through UCAS but haven’t received any offers. During Clearing one may also have the opportunity to explore a place at another institution, even if holding an offer elsewhere. Conditions may change which means an offer elsewhere can be declined in favour of selecting another course or university by way of Clearing.

If you have obtained an offer, make sure that you check your UCAS Track on Results Day to certify whether you have been accepted by your chosen university for your course of choice. Should you happen to find after checking the results, that you have been unsuccessful, UCAS Track will declare ‘You are in Clearing’, or ‘Clearing has started’ and your search for an Art and Design Clearing 2017 course can begin.

How to Make an Application through Clearing

Once you have gone through and browsed the vacancies on a list and chosen the course, you will have to contact the university on their Clearing Hotline to check out if the course is still available. Don’t forget to have your UCAS Personal ID and exam results somewhere handy. During the call the university will let you know if your qualifications meet the criteria, including any GCSE or subject-specific requirements that may apply. Provided that you are successful, you will then soon receive a verbal offer of a place based on the exam results you stated on the telephone. After that you will receive email confirmation of the offer, and then you will need to refer yourself via Clearing to the university and then the university will confirm your place.

Do the Homework and Research

If you somehow think there’s the possibility that you’re going to be in Clearing, think ahead! Before you receive your results, do some research into universities that offer alternative courses that you may have an interest in. Make sure to track your application and before you make any calls, keep an eye on UCAS Track to check out exactly the status of your application. Should you need to go into Clearing, university websites are probably the most up-to-date sources of information. Simply check online first to see if there are any available opportunities for an Art and Design Clearing 2017 course. Make sure to know all of your details and have all of your information sorted out and together before you make a call to a university. When ringing a university remember to be polite and enthusiastic, and treat it as you would an interview, as the university will want to know why you’re keen to study there.

Make Sure to Make the Right Choice

Clearing at times can be nerve-racking, so try to be calm! Naturally, you don’t have to take the first course that is offered to you, so take your time whilst considering any offers, as this is an important decision which will decide your life for the next three years. May the future be good!