Network Administration and Security Degree Program In New York


The whole world is mastered by computer languages, coding and decoding concepts and strategically operated business schemes. The Network Administration and Security program prepares students to troubleshoot computers, build networks, analyze, design, and implement upgrades on popular network operating systems. The program lets students get ready for various certification exams in the computer field. Coursework includes installation, configuration, design and implementation in real world environments.

Graduates at ASA College studying this particular network and security program are provided with system administrator that will greatly help the students to prepare themselves professionally when working in networking and computer systems. They will also be able to develop, maintain, and secure local and wide area networks. Work field and internship opportunities are provided to aspiring graduates through hands-on training scope with Microsoft servers and Cisco routers and switches. Such small time exposures certainly builds up the student’s confidence level and practical knowledge about how the programming sphere works as well as role of internet systems in small to large sized companies.

Network Administration and Security Degree Program In New York

Program Goals:

Upon completion of the program successfully, the graduate students must showcase the following skills and ability:

  1. The potential to install, configure and proper maintenance of computer systems including hardware, peripherals, and upgraded application software and operating systems that are commonly used in most professional job sectors.

  2. In case of any hardware, software or other network and system related problems, the student should possess the rightful knowledge required to detect, troubleshoot and repair and even replace purposeless components if necessary.

  3. For the successful establishment of a professional employment field, it is necessary to build up a productive network of skilful workers and their way of critically interpreting business strategies. Hence, learned students should know how to chalk out, plant, compose and manage such corporate network systems on an industrial scale.

  4. The perfect brilliance in making space for proficient monitoring of network performance and make necessary adjustments whenever required.

  5. Skilled approach towards designing, coordinating and implementation of network security measures to enhance security levels in protect crucial data, software and hardware components.

  6. Can efficiently perform backups and disaster recovery.

Career Outlook:

Network and Security Administrators are holders of great salary packages by connecting business computers together and securing their hardware and software components. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics’ career employment projections, the field of Network and Computer System Administrator is an uprising highly profitable occupation and the demand for this particular study sector is expected to show a commendable growth by 28% from 2010 to 2020.

There are many employment scopes that open up for graduates and can expect successful building careers as network security personnel, system administrator, IT support specialist and network analysts. The powerful emergence of globalisation and IT-based companies in the recent past shows how drastically the demand for qualified computer and networking engineers are rising. Thus, focused training in Network Administration and System Security may lead to greater roles in IT industries to combat ever growing security threats across the globe.