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An Amateur’s Guide To Installation Of New Garage Door

Choosing to reinstall your garage door is primarily an option. But, sometimes you are compelled to install a new door owing to the age and deteriorating condition of the old door. Whatever be the objective behind the installation of the new garage door, you cannot dive into the installation process unless you are a professional handyman or love to install and repair doors as a hobby. Till you turn into a professional handyman or pick up handy work as a hobby, you are stuck with finding a decent way to install your garage door.

An Amateur's Guide To Installation Of New Garage Door

This blog is a guide for amateurs who plan to install new door in their garage anywhere from Utah to Nevada or from Texas to california, or anywhere in the world.

Removal of the Old Door

Removal of the old door is your first concern; always use manufacturer’s instruction to remove old door. It is simple if you follow the instructions, from unlatching the door to using a pulley and taking apart the panels and other elements of the process. Inspect the door if it is binding or sticking by raising and lowering it. Be cautious when you are unscrewing the nuts and bolts and remove one panel at a time or you will be squashed under it if it falls onto you.

Attaching Hinges, with Careful Measurements

When you are done with unlatching of the old door, you proceed to the next step, of measuring. Measuring is a very crucial step; take your time and be very patient while measuring. From measuring height and width of the door opening to measuring headroom (top to bottom), everything should be done with utmost patience. In general, you should have the space of 10’’ to 12’’, considering the spring system you are installing. Apart from this for the back room there should be space aligned with the door’s height and an additional space of 18’’ or more.

Once you are done measuring and inspecting if the attache stops match or not, you can proceed with laying the bottom pieces of the new door. Next, go ahead and attach the hinges and handles to the door.

Attaching the Bottom Piece

The bottom piece of the door frame must be properly leveled and inserted into the garage door

frame. Once the piece is in place, inspect every nail, tap every space until you are satisfied. For safety, purpose bend the nails a little and secure them in place.

Complete the Installation of Remaining Panels

Once the panels are all fixed in their places, you need to install another panel on top of the first one. Fix it using nails to jam and hold the panels in place. After panels are attached, install the hinges every time you attach a panel. After the completion of panel attachment, anchor these pieces to the door jamb.

Complete Installation of the Garage Door

Next you need a partner or a friend to help you with the lifting of the door, check if all the tracks are parallel and on level. Once you have carefully checked, lift the door attach the door and attach the spring with the help of the pulley system.