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Dangerous Effects Of Rising Damp

Reasonable moisture is okay but if it exceeds the required limits then its ill effects may be much harmful for the human beings. They are prone to health problems apart from a big threat to the building premises and costly belongings that may deteriorate in fast manners. We come across many building structures that give shabby looks because of excessive damp that destroys them in a big way. If not cared for with apt rising damp treatment methods; excessive moisture may create havoc.

Dangerous Effects Of Rising Damp

Following ill effects of damp need proper care by the building owners. 

  1. Harmful for human health – Excessive damp may put serious effects upon our body. Persons living in damped buildings may be affected with chronic respiratory problems like asthma and acute cough that may lead to complications. We see many people that suffer from breathlessness due to the excessive damped buildings that they reside in. Allergies and frequent attacks of fever are quite common amongst the dwellers of the buildings that are challenged with dampness. Other ill effects of damp include loss of memory, headaches and brain disorders.

Our lungs, mouth and nose are prone to mold spores that travel in the air. It is a big threat to our respiratory track that gets affected in a big way. Rising damp may affect the throat that becomes scratchy. Running nose, eye-itchiness, post-nasal drip and sneezing are also the ill effects of rising damp. It may lead to mold that may lead to hypersensitivity. Rising damp may lead to aches and fever and inflammation in our lungs. Lung scarring and difficult breathing are other ill effects of this big menace that must be checked in the beginning itself.

  1. Pollution – This is the biggest threat of damp that must be checked with apt rising damp treatment methods. Our environment must be protected from toxins and pollution. Rising damp is the greatest danger to our surroundings that include greenery, lakes, air and rivers etc. Polluted conditions in our residential or commercial buildings exist because of rising damp that makes the environment quite dangerous for our health. Persons living in damped buildings are affected in adverse manners with polluted environment because of rising damp that is a big menace.
  2. Loss to buildings and valuables – Buildings owners are the most affected persons because of rising damp. It destroys the plasters, walls, floors and ceilings etc in a big way. We see many building structures with deteriorated plasters and shabby-looking paints apart from cracks in the walls and floors etc. These are the most harmful aspects that occur because of rising damp. Many a times the entire structures have to be demolished and restructured in full that costs too much.

Likewise our valuables also get destroyed due to rising damp. Wooden furniture and our clothing items also get affected in adverse manners with rising damp that is much dangerous. Candidly, rising damp is a great danger to our hard earned money.

Excessive moisture is a big menace that must be checked by adopting rising damp treatment methods otherwise it may create havoc.