The New OPS from Orange | A Case-Amplifier Equiped With i7 Processor

At first glance maybe no one would buy a PC like this one as it does not look like a n usual computer. Yet the Orange OPC is a real product, already for some years in the catalog of the historic British producer of orange amps for bass and guitar. But what do we find inside this bright shell pseudo-Tolex?

Well, actually a PC in every respect, or even more, because it is already equipped to be used as a platform for recording, editing audio and video in the home studio but also any other classic use  including gaming. It is said to be a powerful desktop PC from Tesco and the Guitar World Magazine called it “the dream accessible to any guitarist”. But flattering comments also came for the hi-tech part. The credit is mainly related to the hardware audio department, capable of input and output with very low latency (1ms) providing a faithful reproduction thanks to a set of studio-quality speakers, integrated directly into the structure. It is also good the software supply which includes out-of-the-box about 600 € in programs for recording.

This creation by Orange as well as the original is undeniably beautiful and now even faster thanks to the hardware refresh that brings a third-generation Core i7 processor, 8GB of DDR3 memory (expandable to 16GB) and a choice between two quality GPUs such as Nvidia GeForce 650 Ti or Radeon HD 7750 from AMD.

The price of the Orange OPC varies depending on the configuration CPU, GPU, RAM and accessories and start from € 925 for a version with i3, 4GB of RAM, integrated GPU and no monitor. The actual availability as well as shipping costs in particular countries are still shrouded in darkness. If this product got your attention and can’t wait to make it yours then see here for latest news when available.

As already mentioned the final price is unkown, but we will expect costs less than € 1000, since the previous version was sold approximately 1100 pounds.