New Law Defined to Evaluate Various New Technologies

A lot of reputed tech companies used to spend huge money for inventing a new technology or develop it. Now a new method is developed to predict the technology evolution which can save the giants in the field of technology a lump sum of amount which they spend in research for the development of new technologies and products. It will also help the venture capitalists and analysts to determine the fact that how many tech companies are on the right track in their business.

In the high tech industry Moore’s law is generally used. It determines the method of predicting the PC memory growth. What the Moore’s law state is that the number of various chips gets doubt in 18 months for any transistor? Now according to Gareth James, Moore’s law cannot be applied in most of the tech industries which include PC industry also.

Before, the development of this new law, Moore’s law was used to evaluate the technology. According to that money was invested for developing those technologies which are valuable. However, now gradually it is coming into light that Moore’s law is not applicable for various tech industries as the industry itself has gone through a huge change in the recent years.

Now in these papers, the scientists have depicted about a new law which is a step and wait for which they are using the word ‘SAW’ for abbreviation. The scientists have already applied it for the six technology industries and they have eventually got the success they have desired for.

The scientists have found one thing that the performance of various technologies gets improved in steps the vital improvements are interspersed by waits which you can depict as a period when no growth of this new technology is observed.

Now with this new method it will be easy to predict that which technology is going to get the big jump and according to that money will be invested. It is expected that this new method of predicting the evolution of technology is going to have a huge role to determine the amount of money which will be invested in the researches for the development of various technologies.

Already this new method was going to be applied by Sony to invest money for making LCDs. The model of SAW is helping them greatly to determine how much money they should spend for this new technology.

It is true that now a lot of new technologies come into the market every day. Now, the technologies which actually help human being for any essential purpose become hot cake all of a sudden. Therefore, for most of the companies who are inventing technologies it becomes necessary to understand the trend properly so that they can invest their money for those technologies which can be handy for most of the people.

Now, this new theory on the evaluation of technology will help people to make the technology industries understand the value of various new technologies and thus the money will be invested in the right way.