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Apps Are Not Always Spotting Cancer

Apps have become a very essential part of human life and now people use them for various purposes, even for the diagnosis of cancer. Well, there is obviously a question of whether the results which the Smartphone apps show about the melanomas cancer are right or not.

Researchers have gone for it, and it seems that in 30% cases, the apps are not able to show the right report of the level of cancer and it is showing the melanomas state of cancer as not so concerning.  This is undoubtedly dangerous if you believe on those apps completely and do not consult the physicians.

The scientists made the taste with four apps. They did not want to express the names of those apps quite naturally. This is why they did not name the apps with which they have warned. It seemed that the four melanoma apps which were studied. The accurate app was quite expensive and at the same time it was the only app on which dermatologist could rely on to view the images.

Now, it can be extremely dangerous for these patients who have found the melanomas stages not so concerning by the smart phone app they have tested and then being assured with the report, have not consulted with any dermatologist. It can make the disease far more critical in the future.

They may have not used an expensive app which could have given them the appropriate result. According to Mr. Ferris, one of the researchers, “If you feel that you have reached the melanoma stage of cancer but the app is showing it as benign; you should surely go and consult with your physician otherwise the consequences can be extremely dangerous for you.”

According to Ferris, “If any kind of technology is helping to decrease mortality by diagnosing the fetal stage of cancer early, it must be welcome in the field of dermatology. However, one thing must be checked that the patients do not face harm because of the inaccurate results which some of these apps can show.”

Technology is such a thing which is always good to use if there is the scope. However, people must be aware with the evil side of it. Especially, when they are using the apps for the medical purpose more concern is needed to be taken.

As per the researches are concerned, high expensive apps correctly diagnose the melanoma cancer. It has also come to light that the other apps show wrong results in 35% of cases which can divert you to the way of death. Therefore, patients should not use these cheap apps to determine such a fatal disease.

According to the research people, technology should always be used for the human benefit even in the medical field. However, the patients should take care of one thing that even after using smart phone apps to diagnosis concern, they must consult the physicians to become sure.  You should not keep your complete faith in the technology especially on the matter on which your life depends.