Affiliate Programs For Earning Significant Passive Income In 2022
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Affiliate Programs For Earning Significant Passive Income In 2022

   Ever since its inception, affiliate marketing has been on the Boom and evolved to become one of the most successful forms of marketing. Not only does it help brands to widen their reach and engagement, but it also allows customers to earn extra income. 

While there are a multitude of affiliate programs available, you need to be cautious and select the one that is most rewarding for you and most genuine. 

Of all the affiliate programs, Saas platforms top the list to become the most popular and a relatively safe option for affiliates. 

However, how would you know which one to pick? In this post, we are going to tell you about a few leading affiliate programs that can help customers earn a decent income and are the best options to go ahead with if you are planning to become an affiliate. 

Without any further ado, let’s delve right into the programs. 

Let’s get started! 

Best SAAS Affiliate Marketing Options For Customers In 2022 


Affiliate Programs For Earning Significant Passive Income In 2022

Topping the list is Tagembed, a leading social media aggregation platform that has managed to create a name for itself in the market. Tagembed is a comprehensive tool that enables users to create engaging social media widgets. 

The tool allows the platform users to collect content from over 18+ social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., and the process can be completed in a few clicks. The users can leverage the features of the tool to increase the impact and effectiveness of the social media widget. 

Tagembed offers a customization panel to select from a wide range of fonts, colors, themes, etc. Moreover, the users can use the profanity filter to remove any unwanted or irrelevant content from the social media widget. The users of the tool enjoy other features like insightful analytics, automatic content updates, and a support team for anytime assistance. 

With such power-packed features, the tool offers a number of pricing options for the users to select what suits their needs best. The competitive pricing of Taggbox is what makes it the first choice of its users. They can choose from a basic, pro, and plus plan. The affiliate program scheme offers a 30% recurring commission to the customers on every sale. The offer is valid for a lifetime! Quite a steal deal, isn’t it? 

Social Bee 

Social Bee

Next up is Social Bee, a social media management platform that can be integrated with various social media platforms. The tool allows the users to repurpose the content effectively. Additionally, the users can also use the tool for scheduling their social media posts. 

Not only this, but Social Bee comes with various tracking features and enables the users to monitor and analyze their competitors. 

Additionally, the tool also offers services like ad management, writing, etc., to its users. 

Under the affiliate commission scheme, Social Bee gives 20% commission on every sale to its customers. It also offers an extra 10% commission to the customers on the service sale. 

Survey Sparrow


Survey Sparrow is a platform that helps its users track the experiences of its customers. The platform offers a classic as well as a digital version of surveys that can be tracked by its customers. 

The tool also offers more comprehensive options like chatbot surveys for a more innovative approach. Speaking about the referral program, the tool offers a 25% recurring return to its customers for every sale. The offers last for a lifetime. 



Another great platform on the list is Unbounce, a platform that enables the users to create landing pages, pop-ups, etc., without any special technical expertise or skills. The tool makes use of drag and drop technology and premade layouts for the creation of the website. 

For the affiliate program, the company offers special training courses to the users and the affiliates earn 20% recurring commissions on every transaction done by the referrals. 

Final Thoughts 

Here we are at the end of this post and you are now well acquainted with the best and most beneficial SaaS affiliate programs for customers to increase their income significantly! 

Now that you know it all, check out more about these platforms and register yourself right away for enjoying a lifetime of recurring commissions.