The Significance Of Software Solutions Consulting Services In 2022
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The Significance Of Software Solutions Consulting Services In 2022

Software services are not only concerned about developing or creating a great UI. We could say it’s an umbrella word. This means that it offers multiple components to its clients. From development to maintenance and updating to your software’s security and on and on.

The creation and maintenance of software are two essential aspects of the development process.

Because of covid consulting, it is gaining more recognition.


Two and a half years later, I’ve realized that in order to connect the gap between my working 9-5 and the work I do today (and what he did in the past) requires an entire overhaul of my mental model. If you’re curious, I’ll help you to bridge the gap since I remember my thoughts when I was younger.

Be aware that the expression “if you’re interesting” is more than a simple qualifier. In this post, I will share two realizations that I’ve made, and the path that brought me to these conclusions. Take note if curious about my professional style. It is possible that you don’t like my path to success, so you are free to read this with a little interest. My personal preferences are mine and I don’t follow any universal guidelines on what every person should do.

It is crucial to remember that I didn’t awaken and immediately discover that I had reached a point of illumination. The realizations came slowly with the course of time, with the trial, mistake, reflection, and even some luck. It’s not always easy to recognize the truth.

Freelance Programming Establishes Low Status

I was a novice free agent and believed that the hustle for free agents was making people pay much for the service. Then, I realize that writing code every hour is an extremely unreliable way to earn more. This anomaly is covered in depth in Part 4 of Developer Hegemony. It is enough to note that programming is often considered to be more work than work. It isn’t common to pay top salaries for laboring grunts.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed many statements and proposals to work in the field of software development. The actual process of developing software is the one that is the most expensive hourly cost.

The value of planning, creating”architecture”, designing “architecture”, arranging organizational strategy, training staff, and creating user experience appears to be greater than simply writing code. Managers/consultants for project management trainers, project managers, and UX people are all paid higher pay for jobs that pay less but still contribute to the development process.

Economic perceptions can cause things to get worse. Developer activity is more common and has lower pay. This can lead to low regard. Developers can spot loops and they are aware of what they can do. If you’re looking for smart people who can save or generate profits for your business This is an opportunity to upsell.

An enviable reputation in the field of writing codes is a barrier to the hourly rate of a freelancer and also credibility. The same principle applies to highly-specialized and specific developers. CIOs boards, CIOs, and developers are willing to engage me as peers, even when I was previously a CIO. They’d ask an architect on the line to let me take the opportunity to code, but they won’t speak directly with me as a freelance software developer.

Realization: Code Payouts Avoidable

“Sometimes I think about giving up and going back into coding,” managers and tech executives typically mention. They also discuss getting time into the Outlook calendars. It’s a half-honest, half-signaling exercise that I have seen as if an adult of 35 with four kids and a minivan will think of going to college for drinking.

But I think returning to full-time programming can be a good career objective. But here’s the problem. It’s not for any salary or an hourly wage. If I decide to return to full-time programming in the future, it will be for the sake of creating my products, or for other reasons where money isn’t a factor. I’m in this business because I enjoy it.

In the absence of images of the future, my outlook regarding wage programming is crystal clear. It’s a double risk to programs on an hourly rate. This can make you a poor strategic thinker and reduce the potential for earning. While I doubt that it will last forever (indeed Developer Hegemony provides a way to alter this pattern) I’ll remain away from hours of programming until this stop being an issue.

Pseudo Employment can be a consequence of the absence of concrete objectives

It took me some time to realize how important it was not to be restricted to the development industry. It’s even harder to prevent status erosion when you’re proficient at programming. The same amount of time was needed to get to realization number 2.

It is possible to think of yourself as a freelancer and not be able to find a customer once you dive into the business. I remember sending emails to my networks to announce, “Hey, I’m going to be doing freelance stuff now!” I received no response. Once I found work, I discovered it to be like a drowning victim to a lifesaver.

I’d have thought about the possibility of committing to a two-month objective at this time as a consolation reward. It could have been accomplished, but I’d end up back where it was at the start of the engagement and would have to start again. It’s more beneficial to have contracts with an open-ended term.

Reality: I won’t take on projects that don’t have defined success criteria

Looking back now, I still get it. You may think it’s difficult to find work until you’ve secured employment multiple times. I’ve been able to find a lot of opportunities over the last two and a half years. I am now enjoying the benefits of hindsight and discern that even short-term assignments may provide some peace of mind.

I have stopped engaging in relationships that are open-ended. Why?

Because open-ended contracts can be distinguished as wage labor.

It could be that I am going to give two weeks of in-person training or some other fixed-length matter. It can be also fixed in length however, it could also have a purpose, for example, helping a client to find three developers as well as an architect. In every case, however, we’ll review upfront the way we can prove that it has been done.

This approach is not acceptable for consultants. Consultants come in, resolve issues for clients, and leave. They don’t sit around waiting for someone to call them.


As I said at the beginning of this post, I’m sharing some insights about me and what my ideal work environment is. Paying a wage, coding for others, or open-ended commitments will all work. It’s not for me However, diversity is vital for a healthy workplace.

I am aware that certain statements I make here might be viewed as cynical. Especially the idea that programming is an unimportant undertaking. Perhaps it’s cynical. But I am not skeptical of programming and those who work in this field, but I am not cynical towards the workforce who does it in this manner.

Although it’s 2016, as our organizational structures and procedures are similar to the practices from Frederick Taylor 100 years ago programming is often regarded as to be low-status, and not just as if it shouldn’t be. We haven’t yet been able to leverage our power in the economy to change the perception.

Don’t worry!

Software developers can control their fate in the realm of their preferred methods of work within the course of 10-20 years. This is something I am convinced deeply about. Keep watching and enjoy the journey. While it’s a bit disappointing that things are the way they are, they won’t be for long.