Get Your Car Ready For Summer For The Road

Get Your Car Ready For Summer For The Road

This time of year, many people are planning their vacations for the upcoming year. If you’re heading out on a road trip, there are several important things to keep in mind to make sure your car is ready and safe.

When you’re going for a car ride, no matter how long, the most important thing is to make sure the vehicle is safe for all passengers. Sometimes maintenance is required, especially if you’re going on a long road trip.

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Get Your Car Ready For Summer For The Road

The Tires

Tires play an essential role when it comes to safety and comfortable driving. Make sure you check air pressure before loading up the car with luggage and passengers. If your car is equipped with all-year studless tires, you should consider buying separate sets of tires for summer and winter.

Winter tires have a rubber composition suitable for winter conditions, and vice versa for summer tires. Summer tires have increased acceleration, better traction, and decreased braking distance.

If you’re driving through rain or other wet conditions, your tires must bee up to date. Remember, tires expire and should be replaced before they’re worn down.

Windshields and Windows

Make sure the windshields and windows are in good condition. Check them for cracks, wear, and tear, and make sure the visibility is up to part. If you find any damage, they should be repaired or replaced before going on a road trip.

Remember: Even small rubble damage will evolve into a big problem over time. If you repair them early, you’ll avoid costly window replacements.

Even windshield wipers need to be replaced regularly in order to function properly.

Check the Brakes

Brakes will wear down, and you should check them ever so often. If they’re worn down, they need to be replaced. If your car is exposed to snowy, salty conditions, the brakes will wear down faster. Checking the brakes as part of spring cleaning is a good idea.

Motor Oil

What’s the status of the motor oil? Take a look under the hood to find out. You can easily do an oil check by yourself. Make sure the car is levelled and warm, open the hood, and use the oil stick to check oil levels.

Remember to wipe off the stick every time you use it, otherwise, you might get a false result next time you’re using it.

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