5 Interesting Facts About Rhode Island

5 Interesting Facts About Rhode Island

Everyone knows that Rhode Island is the United States of America. However, there are many things that people don’t know about the Ocean State.

For example, it plays a heavy role in the USA’s agricultural industry, specifically helping the states in New England thrive. But that isn’t the only industry that Rhode Island is known for. As many of the surrounding states will tell you, Rhode Island has a lot of beauty to behold.

5 Interesting Facts About Rhode Island

There are many interesting facts about this great but often overlooked state. See below for some of the most interesting facts you’ll ever read about the phenomenal state of Rhode Island.

  1. It Thrives on Agriculture and Aquaculture

Being the smallest state in the United States, many people envision that Rhode Island is simply a mass of land New Englanders travel through on their way to other states.

However, as the old saying goes, small things sometimes mean a whole lot. In this specific case, Rhode Island plays a heavy factor in agriculture and aquaculture in the Northeastern United States.

While you might not think it, Rhode Island produces a heavy amount of agricultural products such as apples, dairy, potatoes, and sweet corn.

As of 2019, there were 1,243 different farms in the state, with 58 different farmers markets, accounting for an annual economic impact of $59.6 Million. That’s certainly nothing to scoff at!

Just as important to Rhode Island is its aquacultural products, the most prominent product being their world-renowned oysters. Over 8.2 million oysters are harvested and sold for eating every single year.

While 10-percent of all Rhode Island’s land is covered by farms, the state is also known as a great place for tourism (more on that below) and health services, such as the infamous Rhode Island Hospital.

Needless to say, this state certainly contributes more than its fair share to not only the Northeastern United States but the USA at large!

  1. Popular Tourist Destination

Though it might be small, Rhode Island has a lot of destinations for those that are looking for a place to get away. Though it might not have the prestige of Boston or New York City, it hosts great cities such as Newport and Providence.

One of the most admirable parts about Rhode Island is how its most popular tourist destinations are to admire the natural beauty. Look no further than the Cliff Walk near Newport, a walking trail where you can admire beautiful mansions and breathtaking views of the ocean.

You can also take a trip to the Mohegan Bluffs, home of incredible tall bluffs that feature a beautifully-preserved beach and ocean views.

You can also look forward to state attractions such as the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, or the Fort Adams State Park, also in Newport.

There’s a great deal of history in all of these attractions, which can put the tradition of our nation into perspective. You’ll be blown away by how deeply you fall in love with Rhode Island if you’re visiting it for the first time.

  1. Home of Many “Firsts” in History

The history of Rhode Island is of critical importance to the United States. Many times in the nation’s history, Rhode Island was the first state to make many daring moves towards freedom.

For example, it was the first state to declare independence and seize the opportunity to shrug off the red coats. On May 4th of 1776, Rhode Island officially detached itself from George III.

It’s also home to the very first baptist church in the entire USA, a religion that has tremendous historical ties in Rhode Island to this day. Roger Williams, the same guy that founded the state, was the one to set it up in Providence.

This state has played an incredible part in our nation’s history. Had they not made the first step towards freedom, who knows how long it would’ve taken.

  1. Many Celebs Were Born and Raised There

Rhode Island certainly isn’t thought of as a breeding ground for celebrity talent, but perhaps it should be. The variety of celebs that were raised in Rhode Island speak to its diversity as a state at large.

This includes famous people such as actress Viola Davis, actor James Woods, actress Debra Messing, synthesis Wendy Carlos, and Meredith Vieira from The View.

It was also the birthplace of George M. Cohan, who is famous for writing famous catchy tunes as “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy” and “You’re a Grand Old Flag”.

  1. The Meaning of Its Nickname

First off, not many people realize that Rhode Island’s state nickname is “The Ocean State”. Those that do know that figure got the nickname because it’s attached to the Atlantic.

However, there’s more meaning to it beyond that. The nickname is a clever nod to its connection to the Atlantic and its small (but meaningful) size.

It got the nickname because no matter where you are in the state, you’re no further than an hour away from the ocean. The proximity to the ocean is a major reason why aquaculture is such an important part of the state’s reputation.

Visit Rhode Island and See Its Beauty for Yourself

Just because it’s the smallest state in the nation doesn’t mean that Rhode Island isn’t contributing to the USA in major ways. Far from it!

Be sure to schedule a visit to learn about all of the different factors of the state and see all its natural beauty for yourself. You’ll find a new level of appreciation for it.

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