Top 15 Global Tableau Consulting and Service Providers

Top 15 Global Tableau Consulting and Service Providers

Tableau BI is on a roll right now. Tableau analytics and consulting has been the apt choice for converting organizational data into insightful information, including visualization, reporting and dashboards.

Top global organizations are leveraging the potential of Tableau and experiencing enhanced business results. Have a look:

PepsiCo cuts analysis time by up to 90% with Tableau

Verizon uses Tableau to reduce support calls by 43%, enhancing customer experience

Charles Schwab equips more than 16,000+ employees with Tableau to advance data-driven culture

St. Mary’s Bank consolidates data with cloud-driven analytics from Tableau and AWS

These are some of the many enterprises who are enjoying the benefits of Tableau such as

  • Wide range of products
  • Simple usage with high-end acceptance
  • Faster data retrieval
  • Competent reporting, dashboard, and visualization
  • Team collaboration
  • Time and cost savings
  • Enhanced decision making

As the world witnesses the popularity of Tableau BI services, there are many Tableau service providers/consultants who are key to a successful Tableau implementation for organizations, worldwide.

Let us have a look at a list of the top Tableau consulting service providers, who have proven their mettle, in the arena of business intelligence.

Note: This list is unbiased and based on research efforts put in finding out the best of Tableau consultants through different factors like team size, year of foundation, portfolio, experience, global presence, social media presence etc. It is like a guided list of good organizations who are experts in Tableau consulting and services.

Here is a sneak peek at the list of top 15 Tableau consulting and service providers:

  • Blast
  • Softweb Solutions
  • Datavail
  • Interworks
  • Zuar
  • Visual BI
  • Arkatechture
  • Unilytics
  • Entrance Consulting
  • QR Solutions
  • Bodhtree
  • IBU Consulting Limited
  • Mime
  • Bilytica

Top 15 Tableau Consulting and Service Providers


Blast is a Tableau consulting organization whose experts assist in easily connecting to your data, creating impactful visualizations, and sharing them across your organization — so you can discover opportunities faster. Blast is a certified Tableau Consulting partner and has the experience to help you get the most out of your Tableau investment.

They have a team of Tableau certified professionals who have advanced knowledge and skills in Tableau Desktop and the ability to apply visual analytics methodologies to help you see and understand data. The Tableau services help organizations in investigating problems, discovering opportunities, developing insights, and measuring impact.

Company Size: 50+

Founded Year: 1999

Location: USA (HQ), UK

Other Services: Business Analytics Consulting, Marketing Analytics Consulting, Digital Analytics Consulting, Data Management Consulting, Data Visualization Consulting, Testing, Analytics Audits, Content Marketing and Strategy, A/B Testing

Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions is a popular Tableau consultant which visualizes high value and business critical insights. It offers services that produce interactive dashboards which enables efficient interpretation of data. Tableau services, offered by Softweb, are set to transform data practices – builds smart dashboards, data analytics to derive actionable insights, transforms data into a single heterogenous database.

Softweb offers scalable Tableau solutions that help in making informed business decisions. It helps make best use of self-service BI, uncovers trends and patterns, culls out smart and interactive dashboard integration and blends various data sources into a separate view.

Company Size: 500+

Founded Year: 2006

Location: USA, India

Other Services: Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Application Development, Cloud and Infrastructure Management, Database Administration, Digital Transformation


SPEC INDIA is one of the prominent Tableau services providers that makes the most of the Tableau platform to aggregate, analyse, and visualize data to solve complicated business difficulties. SPEC INDIA’s Tableau capability facilitates in getting greater perceptions to make your organization future-ready with quicker and superior decisions.

SPEC INDIA’s expert Tableau team addresses your data requirements by establishing a comprehensive data pipeline along with analytics, reporting, and visualization capabilities. The Tableau implementation specialists and Tableau developers have in-depth understanding of tools supported by years of knowledge in BI services.

Company Size: 300+

Founded Year: 1987

Location: India, USA

Other Services: Enterprise Mobility, Custom Software Development, Startup IT Solutions, Cloud Deployments, Business Intelligence Solutions, Product Engineering, Legacy App Migration, Software Testing and QA, Technology Consulting


Datavail provides expert Tableau integration and data visualization services, to assist companies in integrating its analytics and achieving collaboration between components. It works at its best to offer a maximized RoI to the organization.

Datavail has been helping businesses leverage the huge bulk of data to get the best of business results via cost effective services. It specializes in database management, cloud-based services, analytics, and application-based solutions. The software integration processes are apt for modernizing business procedures and gain optimal value from organizational heaps of data.

Company Size: 1000+

Founded Year: 2007

Location: India, USA, Canada, Sri Lanka

Other Services: Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Application Development, Cloud and Infrastructure Management, Database Administration, Digital Transformation


Interworks is a Tableau consulting firm that can easily map organizational needs to its Tableau expertise and offer best of results. It offers detailed expertise and secure advice when it comes to handling huge heap of information. The Tableau best practices followed by the expert resources helps big deal in extracting modernized dashboards/reports.

The service areas that Interworks covers are Tableau project planning, server consulting, ad-hoc analysis, and proof of concept. The experienced Tableau resources possess a good amount of data skills that can extract the best knowledge base needed for business intelligence output.

Company Size: 200+

Founded Year: 1996

Location: USA, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, UK, SWITZERLAND, Australia, Singapore

Other Services: IT Services, Data Integration, Software Development, Business Intelligence Consulting, Custom Development, Tableau Training, Tableau Consulting, Data Management, Visual Analytics, Enterprise Storage, System Infrastructure, and Virtualization


Zuar is a Tableau consulting firm that leverages the skills of expert Tableau resources with their visualization practices to offer interactive dashboards and reports. It has many years of experience with Tableau and related services and knows best how to integrate the data components together and get the best possible outcome.

Tableau experts at Zuar design and develop a variety of dashboards like executive dashboards, operational dashboards, and analytical dashboards. The company has been experienced to offer services like revamping current reports, automatic data refresh, distribution, transitioning tabular reports etc.

Company Size: 25+

Founded Year: 2015

Location: USA

Other Services: Business Intelligence, Data Staging, Data Visualization, Data Engineering, Data Integration

Visual BI

Visual BI handles effective Tableau consulting services through self-service BI techniques to empower enterprises in taking appropriate decisions. It possesses ample experience in designing and building interactive visual dashboards and reports for enterprises. Tableau services encompass assessing, configuring, installing, integrating, visualizing, training, and maintaining data related components.

Visual BI has a widespread knowhow about different industry segments which is why they can help in offering a variety of Tableau related services and solutions. The taskforce involved is apt in evaluating, configuring, deploying, and maintaining the range of Tableau products, depending upon organizational needs.

Company Size: 300+

Founded Year: 2010

Location: USA, India, Canada

Other Services: Business Intelligence, BI Strategy, SAP, BI Solutions, Power BI, Cloud Integration, Self Service BI, Enterprise Data Warehousing and Data Lakes


Arkatechture has a pool of Tableau experts who assist in implementing Tableau, server hosting services, user trainings, data visualization development. These service portfolios speak of empowering businesses with growth and value addition from the data collected and analysed. It has specialization in integrating data sources with a focus on BI applications.

Extraction, organization, visualization, and analysis of data with Tableau is the prime forte at Arkatechture. It possesses experience in multiple enterprise level Tableau implementation projects, with exposure to designing, deploying, and supporting Tableau-based projects.

Company Size: 35+

Founded Year: 2012

Location: USA

Other Services: Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Data Management, Data Warehousing, Custom Development, Managed Services


Unilytics is a Tableau consulting service provider, with almost two decades of experience in the Tableau arena. The expert teams help clients in building Tableau dashboards, train in using the software, embedding Tableau into existing applications and data structuring for optimal visualization.

Unilytics has been instrumental in offer high-level support and guidance to multiple organizations, seeking business intelligence and analytics through Tableau product range. Their expert resources help in training organizations in leveraging the potential of Tableau themselves.

Company Size: 15+

Founded Year: 2001

Location: Canada, USA

Other Services: Data Management, Data Visualization, Digital Analytics

Entrance Consulting

Entrance Consulting excels at helping organizations visualize their data using Tableau. It converts organizational raw data into insightful, vivid visualizations. As certified Tableau partners, it has ample experience in building Tableau applications and train others on the same.

Entrance offers best of Tableau consulting services to make the most of this robust data analytics platform. Skilled resources assist in selecting a hosting solution, setting up servers and a seamless integration of Tableau information with other third-party tools. Apart from this, it also offers a consolidated training schedule to enhance busines workflow and productivity.

Company Size: 25+

Founded Year: 2003

Location: USA

Other Services: SharePoint Consulting Services, Custom Application Development Services, Office 365 Consulting, Data Management & Analytics, Systems Engineering

QR Solutions

QR Solutions offers finest Tableau consulting services and is considered one of the leading BI consulting firm, across the globe. Its Tableau professional services make the entire deployment procedure swift and easy. The best practices followed by the teams have been proven best with Fortune 500 organizations.

QR Solutions strive hard to offer an insightful meaning to the data chunks for profitable and productive business output. These services include implementing, integrating, customizing, licensing, supporting, and maintaining applications under the Tableau product umbrella.

Company Size: 70+

Founded Year: 2004

Location: India, Australia

Other Services: Salesforce CRM, AWS Managed Services, Application Integration, Microsoft Power BI


Bodhtree is a prominent partner with Tableau that offers its customers innovative BI solutions with the Tableau product stack. Creation of KPI-specific dashboards, self-service BI, Mobile BI, data discovery and visualization, social media analytics,           survey analysis, software mapping are some of the prominent Tableau services available at Bodhtree.

Bodhtree offers its clients a detailed insight into business operations, real-time answers to queries, interactive visual analytics, advanced dashboards/reports, competence to share information easily and comprehensive data handling.

Company Size: 500+

Founded Year: 1999

Location: USA, India, Singapore

Other Services: Analytics, Cloud Services, Digital Services, Enterprise Services, Engineering Services, Skill Development

IBU Consulting

IBU Consulting is a modern-day data analytics firm that offers Tableau consulting services as an advanced BI solution. Expert resources at the organization offer enterprise BI reporting services that help in deriving actionable insights into business operations. The deep understanding of data visualization, data discovery and creation of dashboards/reports helps clients in understanding the scattered data in a systematic way.

IBU Consulting helps in designing the overall BI strategy for customers, which includes the tools needed for extracting data as a whole and converting it into the best possible report output. Skilled resources are apt in Tableau related activities like querying databases, flat files, spread sheets etc.

Company Size: 70+

Founded Year: 2013

Location: UK, Germany, India

Other Services: Mobile App Development, Big Data and Hadoop, DevOps, Digital Marketing Solutions, Security, Training, AWS Migration


Mime is a Tableau consulting firm that focusses more on the education sectors, offering complex information with ease and clarity. They offer smart, interactive analytics, visualizations through alluring dashboards. It offers a variety of services like optimization of data, implementation support, dashboard creation and training of Tableau skills.

Mime showcases a range of projects in Tableau that have proven implementation experience. The Tableau services consist of data analysis and insights, system development, visualizations, capacity building, data management, recording and monitoring trackers.

Company Size: 18+

Founded Year: 2007

Location: UK

Other Services: Data analysis and insights, Visualisations, Trackers, Systems development, Data management, Capacity building


Bilytica is a popular BI & analytics firm that aims in turning their clients into industry game changers. Its Tableau service portfolio unleashes the power of the technology by offering potent analytical insights into the heaps of data.

The range of services comprises of data discovery and augmentation, data management, analytical strategy build, data democratization, industry-based solutions, and modernization of data platforms. It offers a complete 360-degree client view through asset augmentation, predictive analytics, and third-party data integration.

Company Size: 600+

Founded Year: 2008

Location: Melbourne, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan

Other Services: Outsourcing, Center of Excellence, SharePoint Solutions, Microsoft Services

Watch the World Enjoy Tableau Services

This has been a sincere effort in extracting the best of organizations who can help you develop, deliver, and implement Tableau applications. These organizations have proven their worth in offering you valuable insights into your heaps of data, through their Tableau consulting services. Experience, as they say, is prime and that is what these organizations have in plenty.

Based on your budget, expectations, and organizational goals, you can choose the right partner for your BI needs and get a world of visualization ready!