Visiting A Gynaecologist: 10 Things You Should Know
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Visiting A Gynaecologist: 10 Things You Should Know

For some women, visiting a gynaecologist for the first time can be nervous and uncomfortable. But in reality, a consultation with an ob-gyn is actually not bad and it will also be helpful for you if you are curious on things that you experience with your genitals.

Visiting A Gynaecologist: 10 Things You Should Know

Here are some of the things that you should know before visiting a Gynaecologist:

  1. What’s the ideal age before visiting a Gynaecologist?Many recommend that women and teens should start seeing an ob-gyn in between ages of 13-15. But if you’re older now, don’t worry. You can still book an appointment with a doctor and have yourself checked.
  1. Is the experience uncomfortable and awkward?It’s actually normal, but you shouldn’t be. Gynaecologists check people’s reproductive parts and genitals on a daily basis, it’s not as scary as you expect. Just relax and think that this is for your own good. Be open to your doctor and ask questions comfortably. This will help the doctor get a better understanding of your reproductive health.
  1. Can you bring someone with you for support?You can definitely bring someone with you, maybe it’s a close friend or family member, your doctor will allow you to have them during your exam as this will help you be more comfortable.
  1. What can you expect during your examination?When you go to a gynaecologist, a lot of doctors will want to have some tests done. Such tests can vary according to why you are there, if you really are sexually mature as well as how old you are. You may conduct proper research before deciding on something and do not hesitate to take the exams.
  1. If you are having your period right now, it might be best to reschedule your consultationMany tests during a consultation might get inaccurate results due to your period. A breast exam, for example, can be uncomfortable due to the hormonal changes in your body. A pelvic exam can be really messy due to your vaginal bleeding. So if have your period, it’s really not a good idea to proceed with your examination.
  1. Doctors don’t really care if you are shaved or notYou don’t need to shave or wax your vagina before visiting a gynaecologist just to be presentable. You may want to wash it though and maintain vaginal hygiene.
  1. Gynaecologists have sworn for their patients’ confidentialityFor women over the age of 18, doctors must keep all information during your examinations or consultations to themselves and must not share it to anyone else. But for those who are below 18, a guardian must be with them so that doctors will update them instead.
  1. What can you expect in an external genital exam?During an external genital exam, the doctor will ask you to let him/her check your vaginal opening. This includes the labia, vulva, clitoris, and the anus. Be comfortable and always remember that your vagina is a part of your body that needs proper medical attention as well.
  1. Are you allowed to ask questions?Gynaecologists really encourage their patients to ask questions and discuss with them what they have in mind. No topic is too weird nor too embarrassing to discuss. Be open and don’t hold back with your concern.
  1. Drink some water before a consultationSometimes, there are doctors who’ll ask you to pee in a cup so that they can test your urine. So better, drink a lot of water to avoid difficulty in peeing.

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