Types Of Cosmetic Surgery Treatments In Singapore
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Types Of Cosmetic Surgery Treatments In Singapore

It’s not like no one has ever had cosmetic surgery in the past in Singapore. It’s because being in a conservative country, patients used to keep what they went through to themselves out of fear of being judged for their outward appearance being either too vain or too insecure. Others also went so far as to travel abroad to keep their surgery a mystery.

But, today, this is no longer the case as Singaporeans become more willing to accept cosmetic surgery and non-invasive treatments as they discover their abundance of benefits. Here are various forms of cosmetic surgery procedures for both men and women in Singapore.

Types Of Cosmetic Surgery Treatments In Singapore


A procedure called a breast lift (Mastopexy) can remove excess skin and decrease the sagging. It tightens the peel of the breasts, which raises them and makes them firm.


This is a treatment that will remove the “pooch” of excess skin found under the navel. This can get rid of stretch marks and transform a highly noticeable vertical C-section scar into a thin, easily concealable bikini line. Excess skin for many women isn’t the only abdominal shift they undergo during birth.


Liposuction may help women particularly after pregnancy. While some new mothers die and work out lament they can’t lose weight in some spots like calves, buttocks, and upper arms.


Lots of women tear or otherwise injure the labia (the opening to the vagina) during normal vaginal delivery. A Labiaplasty can repair that damage, helping a woman heal from such injuries more quickly.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical technique that changes nose shape. Rhinoplasty can be motivated by adjusting the appearance of the nose, enhancing breathing or both. The upper part of the nose structure is bone, and the lower portion is cartilage. Rhinoplasty has the ability to alter bone , cartilage, skin or all three. Speak to your surgeon about whether rhinoplasty is ideal for you, and what it can do.

Dermal Fillers

This kind of cosmetic surgery will give you a young-looking manifestation by plumping your cheeks up, filling your lips, enhancing your cheekbones and even your face.


Gynecomastia is a form of plastic surgery for men. This may lead to emotional distress and can make your self-confidence worse. Some people may also avoid such physical and social behaviors just to conceal their illness.

Hair Replacement Surgery

One of the common forms of cosmetic surgery is hair transplantation; it involves removing small pieces of hair-bearing scalp grafts from a donor site and relocating them to a bald or thinning area.

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