3 Ways To Refresh Your Kitchen

Our kitchens can be a source of entertainment, a place to unwind and enjoy ourselves, and, most importantly, where we make the food that pushes us through our days.  If your kitchen doesn’t excite you and instead drains your energy on sight, it may be time to refresh it!  Here are three steps to kick your cooking up a notch and make it exciting again!

Work With What You Have

Unless you’re willing to drop at least a couple thousand dollars for a new set of cabinets, you must learn how to work with what you currently have.  Cabinets can be spruced up, changed, and given new life in dozens of ways.

If you want a more modern touch, you can remove the doors from your cabinets entirely.  This option lets your kitchen feel more substantial and allows easier access for your dishes and spices.

Paint can always breathe new life into any room, but you could just as quickly restain wood cabinets.  This option is far more doable if they haven’t been painted.  Restaining can take yellowy light cabinets, and give them a dark and chic look that makes your kitchen look brand new.

If you’re scared of anything drastic, consider replacing the knobs on your cabinets– or adding some if there aren’t any!  This small touch can liven up any kitchen, and show off some of your personality along the way.

Deep Clean And Shine

There’s nothing quite like a deep clean to show that your kitchen is a diamond underneath a grease layer or smudges.  Make sure that you use a cleaner that suits your kitchen’s surfaces.  If your counters are granite, go for a granite cleaner specifically for it so that you don’t destroy or divot it.  Dust out lights, clean the tops of cabinets, and finally deep-clean your fridge.  Just this small step can make a kitchen feel brand new.  You’ll be wanting to google ‘how much is my house worth‘ without having to make any massive changes.  Of course, you’ll have to keep up this cleanliness to make sure the feeling lasts, but it’s worth it.

Use Dishes and Pans As Decor

3 Ways To Refresh Your Kitchen

Your kitchen can get decorated without it having to look like a barn of porcelain chickens.  Consider buying a hanging pot rack.  This decoration can show off your collection of pots and pans, while also adding to your shelf space.  If you have any older dishes or beautiful plates, you can display them on the walls.  Even a mini bundt cake pan with ornate designs can look like exciting art on a wall as long as you place it purposefully.  It may seem silly at first, but plan out your kitchen and put every piece where it feels right.  You’ll have more room to put food and other dishes in your cabinets, plus it will help you gain respect and love for the things you already own.

Your kitchen should be a paradise for you, somewhere that you’re happy to spend hours of your day.  Give it the chance to be that, by taking little steps like scrubbing it out and redecorating.