How Unique Logo Helps to Boost Your Brand Identity?
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How Unique Logo Helps to Boost Your Brand Identity?

The importance of having a perfect logo that will be unique to your brand and help people to easily identify your brand can never be overemphasized—it can actually be a game-changer in making your brand popular or obscure as the case may be.

A business or company’s logo is what could help to project your image to a global audience to such an extent that once the logo is seen anywhere, whatever you are known for is what your audience will remember. For instance, whenever we see the “bitten-off” apple logo, we often associate it with Apple Corporation and the same applies to the “good” sign logo that is associated with Nike. Other popular logos that can be easily recognizable anywhere in the world include coca-cola, LG, Toyota, etc.

How Unique Logo Helps to Boost Your Brand Identity?

Brand Identity: Why it is important?

In a business world where competition is rife, having a strong brand identity can give you an edge over your rivals and make it possible for you to stand out from the crowd. Toyota and Honda are two automakers that produce very similar car variants. However, Toyota’s brand identity generally commands more respect and acceptance than Honda and this perception alone is enough to make them sell more cars as well as to sell at a higher price but without such respectable brand identity, they will lose all these advantages. A similar scenario is applicable between Apple brands and maybe Akira brands, the former has a more respectable brand identity than the latter. The interesting thing to note is that both competing brands may offer the same quality but due to the perception people have about particular brands, it automatically gives them an edge.

In essence, brand identity can give you an advantage and make your brand to command a higher price while selling more than your competitors. It is not only globally recognized brands that can benefit from having a strong brand identity because the same applies to smaller businesses.

Logo Can Be Used to Grab Attention

In today’s fast-paced world, with lots of activities and interests seeking our attention, businesses have only a few seconds to make an impression on potential customers, and considering such very little window of opportunity, a well-designed logo can come to your rescue. It is after you’ve attracted the customers’ attention that they will begin to consider other attributes your product may possess.

Makes a Strong First Impression

The first impression matters a lot and your logo is what you can use to grab attention and pass across your business ideals and core values. Now, let’s consider a scenario whereby a customer walks into an electronics shop or boutique with the intent to make a purchase but without having a predetermined bias for a particular brand. During that point in time, a strong and well-designed brand can go a long way in convincing such customers to make up their minds.

It Can Be Memorable

A unique logo can create a lasting impression on the mind of individuals. A logo can be memorable due to its beauty, technicality, design, color combination, or any other factor that could hit a chord in people.

It is important to note that the more people remember your logo due to any reason; they will be forced to remember your brand. Companies spend a fortune on adverts just for people to remember them but with a good logo, you would have achieved the same purpose at no extra cost.

Know what to avoid

It is important to know the dos and don’ts on how to create a logo that will be suitable for your business. You may be wondering how to go about the business of creating a perfect logo that will be apt for your brand. However, not to worry because I will be giving you tips that will help you in creating a perfect logo as listed below.

  • Make it simple
  • Understand the idea behind a logo and remember that oftentimes they can be more recognizable than the brand name.
  • Be versatile; remember there may be a need for your logo size to increased or decreased, as well as it is used in diverse platforms. So it must be versatile to be able to fit in at all times.
  • Avoid the temptation of being a copycat; no matter how a particular design appeals to you, it is advised that you don’t imitate instead be original and creative.

Reach Your Audience with Emotion

Emotional quotient (EQ) has been found to be as important as intelligence quotient (IQ).  With emotional intelligence, people, or in this case businesses and brands would be able to reach out to potential customers and influence them to become committed customers. A company that manufactures baby products can use the logo of a healthy baby or a cheerful mother in its logo and such a logo would likely appeal to women who form a bulk of those that buy baby products.