Great Career Choices for People Who Love to Work Alone

In case you’re simply not a people person, it can be pretty hard to find a career or a job that fits your more introverted lifestyle. If working in teams that consist of many members or dealing with customers on a daily basis is not something that interests you, don’t worry. You can still choose from plenty of alternatives out there. Listed below are just some of the best ones you should consider if you like working alone.

Research scientist

A research position in certain sciences like physics and biology might be the perfect job for you. While this field is competitive, there are many places where you can find work opportunities, such as various institutes and universities, public agencies, and the private sector. The great thing here is that you will work alone most of the time, apart from reporting to your supervisor on a regular basis. However, be aware of the fact that you might find yourself in the spotlight in case you discover something groundbreaking.

Truck driver

If there’s nothing else you’d rather do than spend hours upon hours driving while seeing various countries and listening to your favorite music, podcast or audiobook, perhaps you should consider being a truck driver. You will be on the road most of the time and this is a great chance to disconnect from the world and get in touch with your thoughts. To find a job in this field, though, you will need to take some heavy vehicle courses and get the necessary licenses. If you’re okay with the truck being your second home, this is something to think about.

Accountant or bookkeeper

Individuals who love dealing with numbers should consider going into accounting and bookkeeping. While some companies opt for having an in-house department that deals with these matters, more and more companies decide to outsource this task. This means that you can easily do this job remotely from your home or rented office. Just deliver the necessary documentation on time and be available for occasional consultations. Having a certificate that proves your competence will be of great advantage in finding a work opportunity.

Writer or proofreader

Those that have a way with words can consider being some sort of writer. Nowadays, the options are endless. While you can work on your own short stories and books, you can also be a freelance content writer that works from home, a technical writer in an office, a blogger that writes about various topics and gets money from ad revenue, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing, and so on. Plus, it’s very easy to find classes online which will help you improve your writing skills. On the other hand, you can also be a proofreader and/or editor and check other people’s pieces for mistakes before they get published.


Have you considered being a translator if you speak more than one language? Translators and interpreters are in high demand, so you might want to put this on your list of potential occupations. Certain individuals decide to work from home and start their own business where they can decide on the prices, schedule and amount of work that will be done. Others find employment in companies that either allow remote work or have very small teams that don’t need too much communication unless they are working on a huge project together. To have more opportunities and a higher salary, it would be good to have certifications related to the languages you speak.

Graphic designer

Artistic people that love working from home have plenty of options as well. For instance, being a graphic designer is a well-paid job that can be done from the comfort of one’s home. To get noticed, however, you will have to develop a strong portfolio and the best way to do that is by taking classes and looking for internships. Luckily, companies from various industries are in need of a graphic designer, for everything from their logo to product packaging. Keep in mind that this position can be quite deadline-intensive and demand a lot of overtime.


Perhaps you don’t want to be alone, you just prefer the company of animals. In that case, finding a job as a zoologist might be exactly what you need. You will spend your time taking care of animals and studying them in their natural habitat. In addition to being outdoors, you can also work in a lab or an office. Having a bachelor’s degree is enough for an entry-level position but if you want to advance later on, you will need a master’s degree or a Ph.D.


These seven are just some of the jobs people who like to work alone can consider. From pet sitting and being a horticulturist to being a commercial plane pilot and analyzing various data, the options truly abound. Take a good look at your interests and skills and there is surely a job for you.