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Energy Bars- Ingredients Decide Your True Health

Pick the best suitable energy bars by knowing the ingredients for better health

Energy bars are tasty and nutritious snack bars built up of different nutritious components like whole-grain cereals, granola, seeds, oats, quinoa, almonds & nuts, dried fruits, and nuts.

If we call energy bars as “space food bars”, there is nothing wrong with it. Long back in the 1960s, energy bars were the non-frozen snacks taken to the space by astronauts since it provided both energy and nutrition. These slim bars were easy to carry and astronauts could fit them in their helmets. Today, these bars are much evolved and used as fuel for athletes. Energy bar ingredient decides the true health of a consumer. These ingredients are not fixed. You can change them as per your choice and body requirements.

Like all other healthy food options, energy bars are made to boost energy, nourishment, and protein level along with fats, carbs, minerals and vitamins. Energy bars are the balanced food supplements that give you what is promised.

Now don’t mix energy bars with energy drinks. Both are completely different products and have different impacts on your body. Energy bars are versatile and don’t have caffeine. You can get them in as many as flavours such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, caramel, and fruit-based. It’s like you just share your requirement and the supplier will deliver it to you.

In the 70’s, the makers of space energy bars decided to remove “space” from the name of these bars and bring them in the commercial market. Later, in the 80’s, athletes got their first “power” bars which were sold as high protein bars and workout snack food.

The bars were marketed for different perspective and suddenly, in just a matter of time, they were everywhere and people were eating them as the perfect snack for all requirements – as a diet bar, a quick snack, energy bar, and health supplement.

Today, energy bars are being sold with many names like granola bars, health bars, protein bars, snack bars, food bars, etc. Each of them shares a similar story and made to serve the same purpose. These bars are intended to provide nourishment with its nutrients. However, every bar has different ingredients and you need to be smart to go through these ingredients carefully to ensure that it provides you the right amount of calories and nutrition. Energy bars can range from healthy and wholesome to added flavoured, processed, and sweetened products.

Tips to get healthy energy bars for yourself and family

  • Whole Grains – Multiple grains are being used by energy bars manufacturers ranging from oats to whole wheat flour to corn. The list is long. As we all are aware of the health benefits offered by whole grains. These are the best source of carbohydrates and fibers and other essential nutrients. The processing of whole grains involves several numbers of stages, so it is better to avoid fully refined whole grain.
  • Seeds and Nuts – Nuts and seeds are the natural source of good fats and protein and fiber. Seeds and nuts must be included in our regular diet.
  • Sweeteners – It is always better to find energy bars that have dry fruits as natural sweeteners. Dry fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals. You must avoid those bars that use high sucrose or fructose in ingredient list like corn syrups. Berries, dates, and raisins are commonly found natural sweeteners in energy bars. You should be able to read the label and check the sugar content carefully.

How many types of energy bars are there in the market?

The energy bar ingredient and its nutrients define the product. For instance, there are protein bars that are made to help you build muscles. These bars are rich source of proteins and best food to have after core exercise at gym. Then there are endurance bars which are meant to be consumed before a heavy workout. Endurance bars have more carbohydrates as compared to protein bars.

Currently, energy bars manufacturers are making brand new range of bars that is organic bars which provide energy in its natural form. There is no added colour or flavour or protein. The bars are prepared with natural simple ingredients that speak for themselves.

Choose a best Energy Bar?

The individual rule of finger we should remember is that not all snack or nutrition bars are designed equal. Therefore while choosing an excellent bar we should judge it based on its nutrition content, texture, ingredients practiced, taste and most importantly the hope it will serve.

How to Save Yourself from Getting Fooled by Brands?

It is always a smart move to read the ingredient list before buying any energy bar. Manufacturers are using added protein and fiber which are in processed forms- like isolated soy protein or chicory root fiber. These ingredients are unhealthy as these are processed. It is best to consume energy bars which don’t have fancy ingredients.

Avoid chocolate bars if you are looking for weight loss diet options. Go for nuts and seeds and berries as key ingredients in energy bars.