Tatiana Regan - 3 Entertaining Ways For You To Pick Up New Language Skills
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Tatiana Regan – 3 Entertaining Ways For You To Pick Up New Language Skills

Learning a new language can be thrilling and frustrating at the same time. The thought of you learning something new always excites the mind; however, if the learning process is classroom-based with a teacher, the journey does become tough. Picking up new words and making sure they are correctly pronounced might take a toll on you. Moreover, finding someone to practice speaking can be challenging. Here, the process of learning a new language becomes slow and often frustrating for most people of all ages.

Tatiana Regan - 3 Entertaining Ways For You To Pick Up New Language Skills

Tatiana Regan – Learning a New Language in a Fun Way

Like most people learning a new language, Tatiana Regan too faced the same ordeal. When she moved with her partner to Mexico, she never knew how to speak in Spanish. Like everyone else, she too took classes in the language; however, her progress was slow. She was left frustrated until she discovered an innovative method to learn a new language- through entertainment. 

How can you Learn a New Language through Entertainment?

Everyone likes entertainment in the form of movies and music. These two channels are the two things she used for picking up her language skills in Spanish. Later, after becoming somewhat comfortable with understanding basic Spanish, she turned to social media to hone her skills. She used movies with subtitles to learn Spanish. She followed the movie and subtitles while she enjoyed watching the film. In this way, she enjoyed learning new words and how to use them in the right context.

Moreover, she also learned how to pronounce them correctly. For most new learners pronouncing the word in the right way is challenging as well. Listening here helps, and movies were an excellent way for her to improve her vocabulary and pick up the correct pronunciation too. With the passage of time, she started to watch movies without subtitles. This gave her the confidence to understand words clearly. Children’s movies are a great way to start off learning any new language as the words are simple to pronounce and use.

Remembering Words with Music

Music is another effective way to improve new language skills. In fact, hearing the lyrics of a song helps you to speak correctly as well. It is an entertaining way to listen to words and sentences. Moreover, songs help you to remember words and retain them in your memory. One can also learn from simple songs for children.

Tatiana Regan used social media to pick up conversation and hone her Spanish speaking skills. With the help of social media platforms that have the options to set language settings, she could read posts with the help of the translation feature. In a short span of time, she improved her Spanish and become proficient with it.  This means you, too, can pick up and learn a new language with entertainment. You no longer have to rely on boring classroom sessions and teachers to pick up new words and sentences. With the help of movies, music, and social media, the task becomes simpler, and you gain the confidence and skills to communicate effortlessly.