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7 Reasons an E-commerce Site Should Have Product Attachments Option

The product page of an eCommerce website has to undergo rigorous tests to acquire an ideal landing page that is equally suitable for the humans as well as the search engine bots. The core focus is to make every page useful enough that a user can find all the information he or she may need.

You may start adding a description, images, videos, and ratings and reviews to a product page, but still find a suitable place to display the technical files like user guides and manuals, etc. you may neither elongate the page with such form of the content nor create a separate page.

To cater to the need, the experts suggest the creation of product attachment options. It allows merchants to highlight additional information in the forms of different files without compromising the design and layout of the page. To have such functionality, the Magento 2 product attachments extension is a recommended tool. It helps the store owners to utilize the upload user guides, tutorials, policies and other content in PDF, Doc, PPT, Web links, or any other form.

The tool is specifically for the Magento-powered eCommerce websites, whereas the stores using any other eCommerce or CMS platform may find its alternative at their respective marketplaces.

Top 7 Reasons to have Product Attachments option

There is a whole lot of information that merchants may want to provide about a product, but they fail to do so because of the lack of functionality. The product page is often loading with lots of information that adding a widget or block may upset the layout. Therefore, to better display the additional files, it is recommended to use product attachments. The focal point is increasing the conversion rate, whereas following are some of the top reasons for you to consider having the functionality.


To provide deep insights into the product

A product page is considered complete when filled with the required description, images, and reviews, whereas, the technical specifications and guidelines are still missing. You may decide to provide such deep insights into packaging if the user places an order, whereas the user may like to look at it in advance.

It is more likely that your potential buyers may possess some technical expertise and would like to download the user guides to study before forming a purchase decision. To help them draw an option about your product, you may need a product attachment option to provide their required files for downloads.


Show product usability with guides and manuals


Most of the merchants avoid discussing the usability and practical scenario of a product on the landing page because of the shortage of page space and scope. They do not consider it attractive to write it all in plain text.

For user guides, manuals, and instructional content, the product attachments option is one of the best methods to use. It helps you develop content with images, text, diagrams, and shapes to display it in a downloadable format so that a user can easily read and understand offline.


Display a variety of downloadable content

The product page may limit you to produce content in text, images, and blocks, but the product attachments option elevates the restrictions. You can use the option to upload PDF, DOC, PPT, and Links, Videos or any other file types.

For company or product overview, you can upload a PowerPoint presentation, or a .docx file for a detailed technical outline, or a YouTube video for a quick product view. The availability of content in different forms results in higher user engagement. They are free to download the type of content they are more comfortable with.


For example, most of the users skip the huge paragraphs and go straight to check if there is a video or audio file, they can watch or listen to get a complete product picture. This saves their time while receiving the message you aim to convey.


Communicate return and refund policies

Need your potential customers to know the return and refund policy before putting an order? Display it as an attachment. If you are not ready to create different tabs for segregating such policies from the product description, you can always avail the option of attaching a file right on the product page.

The display of return and refund policy is highly significant for improving the conversions as the customers also need to know the terms and conditions they will have to go through if they are not satisfied with the product.


Put warranties, free services as Added Attraction

Most of the products come with a warranty that may assure replacement, repair, or service for a specific period. A logo, sticker, or label can communicate the warranty, but it needs a complete document to ensure the customers understand what is included in the warrant and what is not.

It is better to attract your customers with true and fair warranty policy by display the document upfront on the product pages. It helps reduce customer disappointment when there comes a warranty claim. Better to be safe rather than ridiculed in the press and social media.


Promote Useful Links

The customers spend less time browsing other sections of your eCommerce website as they may come straight to a landing page and leave the store after a checkout. With product attachment options, you can utilize the landing pages for promotions as well by displaying links to useful information. This facilitates the users to access information in a tab rather than downloading a complete file. Thus, it serves yet another alternative of sharing content with your target audience.


Gain SEO benefits

For all the product attachments, you can create a dedicated page that can be named as ‘Downloads.’ The page will serve as a directory of all the files available for downloads on your eCommerce website. The customers will be able to find relevant files. The page, if well optimized, will appear in search engines to bring you relevant and highly converting traffic to your store.

Final verdict

Adding more and more information on a product page is useful, but sharing it without an acceptable format or manner is harmful. The secret lies in a better presentation. The product attachment option opens the doors to upload or embed informational content in different file formats that are easy to view and watch. Thus, it surely increases user engagement and page conversions.