Where Can You Find Different Types of Land for Sale in the US

Buying a vacant plot is like investing in a canvas. You can fill it up with the home of your dreams, a garden from your childhood, and a yard with as many swing sets as you please.

That is the primary reason people invest a fair share of their life savings into buying land for themselves or their families. Whether you are a mountain person, or you can hear the call of the ocean, buying land entails specific procedures. For example, the price-per-acre will vary depending on which state you are looking at and the particular area.

Searching for the cheapest land in the US

The most affordable land for sale in United States is typically in Tennessee, West Virginia, and Arkansas regions. Tennessee has a diverse topography that nurtures varying temperate weather. From flat grasslands to rural mountainous areas, you will find all kinds of raw land in these three states. Most importantly, all three states have an abundance of unoccupied property, and the lack of competition places their prices around 40% below the average cost of land per acre in the other 47 states.

Looking for raw hunting land in the country

If you are in search of some tranquility with the occasional chance to hunt, you should look at the southwest. The states of Oklahoma and Texas are best for finding raw land that can foster your dream of building a home as well as support your passion for hunting. The lack of competition between farmers and recreational land buyers makes the availability much higher in this region. While looking at the right states, people have found hunting land for sale in the United States for less than $500 an acre.

Purchasing farming land

Finding land for farming is not difficult at all in the US. Whether you want to set up your very own dairy farm and poultry farm or cultivate maize, you can find fertile farmland in states, including Nebraska, Louisiana, and Arkansas. You will find flat farmland stretching from one horizon to another, just waiting for the right hands to sow the seeds. Smaller farms in all three states receive tax credits from the federal government and flexible lease options from the local authorities. These farms are never too far from the main town and the highway, which makes transportation much easier for the farmer or rancher to-be.

Buying waterfront land in the US

Waterfront properties don’t need to be exuberant. Sometimes, it is possible to realize your dream of owning a lakefront estate in the US without burning down your credit score. You can even purchase oceanfront properties in the North Bend of Oregon, Boynton Beach in Florida, and Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Purchasing raw land is much cheaper than buying lakefront homes. These waterfront properties are not too far from the bustle of the city, but far enough to maintain their own quiet personalities. The rural plots with breath-taking views are waiting for your home.

Investing in land is always a tax-saving move. Moreover, you can lease the land to farmers or for research. It is also an investment that your children can choose to utilize, share, or sell in the distant future.