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What Do You Need to Know about Whatsapp Business App?

According to the Nielsen Facebook Messaging Survey, people are more likely to shop with your business if they can reach you easily through messaging. It provides a sort of personal touch and helps you interact with your customer. Hence, integrating a messaging app will be an effective way to reach customers. Whatsapp the best messaging tool has released a version called Whatsapp Business to enable companies to get connected to their customers.

Whatsapp vs. Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp Business take care of your messaging needs with additional functionality and features over and above the normal Whatsapp version:

1. Create Your Business Profile

Using Whatsapp Business you can create a profile for your company and include details like the business website, location and contact information. This will add to the credibility of your business. In addition, you can also set your business hours in the app and there is no need for you to be available for 24/7.

2. Analyze Statistics

You can keep a track record of your messaging statistics. For instance, you can view the number of messages you sent and the number of messages read by your customers. This will help you check the progress of a marketing campaign performance.

3. Automated Responses

You can create automated responses like pre-loaded greetings, away messages or quick replies. Save answers to frequently asked questions so that you need to retype all the information.

4. Label your Chats

Whatsapp business lets you add labels and you can group your chats into categories like new customers, returning customers or regular customers, etc.

5. Whatsapp Web

People will know that they are talking to a credible business like NJ online casinos, because you will be listed as a business account. You also have the option to send and receive messages with Whatsapp Business on your desktop

Grow your Business with Whatsapp Business

Statistics say that people exchange over 65 billion messages over WhatsApp daily. All your customers might be using WhatsApp and if they have provided you their contact number you can easily stay in touch with your customers on a one-to-one basis.

Moreover, the app can be downloaded for free and so there are no additional expenses for you to connect with your customers across the world. Instead of using SMS services that are chargeable, you can send out WhatsApp messages.

Make your business communications easier and professional. Promote any marketing campaigns like a new product launch, latest news and more with all your customers in a single place. If you are worried about the safety, no need to fret as all your chats in Whatsapp Business will be private, safe and secure.

Big names like BookMyShow, NetFlix, MakeMyTrip are already using WhatsApp Business. Get started now and Use Whatsapp business to create a seamless customer experience.

The need for Whatsapp ‘Forward’ feature and Updates

Whatsapp has clearly served as a dirty duct for fake news in India for a long time now. The menace of fake messages and outrage among the masses to a level that led to communal wars, lynchings and mob killings in certain countries has sparked Whatsapp founders to make drastic changes.

Particularly, one feature that is associated with the viral spread of fake news is Whatsapp’s Forward feature. Earlier the forward feature will let you send out forward texts, images, videos to your contact in bulk. However, the big Whatsapp updates now will change the way you look at forwarding messages and think twice before sending them out.

Demarcation of Forwarded Messages

In mid-2018, WhatsApp started to indicate messages in your inbox as forwards with a small “forwarded” label on top. This clear demarcation will help to make personal and group chats easier to follow. You can decipher when the person has typed out a message originally or it came from someone else.

This, adds to the credibility and encourages users to be mindful while sharing messages. Other than this feature, it has also enabled options to report a message as spam or block a particular contact from their list.

Number of Forwards

Another measure to combat the viral outbreak of news, WhatsApp has also rolled out a limit in the number of contacts that a user can choose to forward the message. Now you can send forwards to five people at once including groups or individuals.

Admins-Only Control

The crisis of fake forwards has also paved the way for admins-only control in WhatsApp groups. This feature will restrict the number of messages from other participants and follow a more synchronized flow of information.

Other New Updates

Whatsapp is also reportedly working on two new updates called – Forwarding Info and Frequently Forwarded feature in a measure to combat fake news. The Forwarding info feature will enable you to check how many times a message is forwarded. According to WABetaInfo, this new feature will only allow the users to see the count of forwarded messages if you have sent it to others.

In addition, the Frequently Forwarded will enable users to witness this label above a sent message when the message has been sent for more than four times.

Such updates are necessary to encourage mindful forwarding of the message. What’s the point of forwarding messages if it has already been forwarded by scores of other users?

Information is good, but if it is abused too much it can possibly lead to mishaps and crisis. That is why it becomes important to take relevant measure to combat the viral use of forwards in Whatsapp.

Before you take a message at its face value, try to find out whether the message is authentic and verify it before you hit the forward button!

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