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5 Magento Extensions to Boost E-commerce Website

Magento is a powerful and highly versatile platform that offers innumerable features to merchants all across the globe. Being an open-source platform, Magento houses a diverse marketplace and a flourishing community of over 300,000 developers. Over the last few years, Magento has experienced tremendous growth and now ranks on the list of top 3 e-commerce platforms in the world. While Magento offers tons of useful features, the default version does not include any extensions for your online store. Many merchants need additional components for their online stores which requires integrating third party extension to fulfill their desired functionality.

In this article, we will share a list of top 5 Magento extensions that can help you boost your e-commerce website. You easily install them and improving your store’s performance from administrative, functional and cosmetic angles. These extensions are carefully selected to help you get the best results in generating engagement, customer retention, positive user experience, and more robust lead generation.

  • Product Labels & Stickers

Every online store needs attractive visual elements to underline what they are offering why they stand apart. With Magento 2 Product Labels extension you can easily create attractive labels for your product images and add them to display offers such as discounts, promotions, and giveaways on the category and product pages of your online store. By showing enticing offers you can boost your store’s conversion rate and help sell those products that need more attention or have been freshly stocked. This extension allows you to create multiple labels and manage their visibility through restriction options. You can customize your labels, apply conditions, and automatically show most viewed and out of stock labels.


  • Percentage Pricing

Merchants often come across the dilemma of selling their products through discounts or selling others’ products through markup. With Magento 2 percentage pricing extension you no longer need to worry about setting the price of your products separately or hiring a dedicated developer to do that for you. All you need to do is download the extension and easily manage the pricing of your products by setting percentage or fixed markup or markdown rate to secure your profit margins. This extension is particularly useful for merchants that sell via drop-shipping. You can also set priorities for pricing rules, define opening dates and closing dates, and create custom rules to configure profit margins for different products and customer groups. It’s a great extension to manage your store pricing during sale season or external product shipping.


  • Quick View

E-commerce stores that rely on their product images require a fast and streamlined solution to help customer view their products without separately visiting the product page. Magento Quick View extension is precisely designed to cater to these needs and comes with a bunch other useful features as well. By adding quick view function to your store you customers can view the image directly from the product category page and add it to cart. This improves user experience and enhances your store’s conversion rate. You can also allow customers to preview product details during quick view to influence purchase decision. In customization settings, you can personalize quick view button and pop-up window to promote better user experience.


  • Product Videos

Media content plays a deciding role in generating engagement, page retention and improving the conversion rate of your website. Adding videos has always remained an effective means to convey your brand message and inform the customer about your products or services. Since the human brain processes visual content over 600,000 times faster and tends to stay remember for longer periods, videos make an essential part of digital marketing. Magento 2 Product Video extension allows you to add all types of video formats on your product pages such as FLV, MPEG, MP4, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SWF. You can also embed videos from media streams such as YouTube and Vimeo and create video galleries to organize them into tutorials, reviews, and testimonial, etc. In customization options you can set thumbnail images, change category title and define thumbnail dimensions.


  • Pre-Order & Back-order

E-commerce websites hugely depend on the sales of their newly designed products. However, many fail to meet their sales mark and suffer shortfalls in their revenue stream. Magento 2 pre order extension is the perfect solution to this problem which allows merchants to launch their product successfully by securing early sales. You can create a pre-order strategy and customize it according to your preferences to generate awareness and sales. It works by allowing customers to place order in advance by displaying the availability of the product and adding a “Pre-Order” button on the product page. To encourage customers in making early orders, you can show a countdown timer along with a custom message. The back-order feature allows you to take orders even when the product is out of stock. You can easily manage pre-orders and back-orders from the back-end on grid panel.