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Signs That You Should Rent an Office for Your Business

Launching a new business from home is a financially savvy move in many instances. Thanks to modern technologies, there is no longer a need to physically have a professional business location initially because you can complete most or all functions from a home office. However, many successful businesses will eventually migrate to a professional space. These are some of the top signs that indicate the time has come to lease a dedicated office for your business.

Blurry Lines Between Your Professional and Personal Life

Working from home offers many benefits, but it can be challenging to keep your professional life from mixing with or interfering with your personal life. For example, some people find it difficult to completely turn off and leave business behind at the end of a workday when their home office is only a few steps down the hall. If you feel as though you never have downtime or if your family complains about your lack of free time to devote to them, you may need to rent an office space away from the house.

The Need to Meet with Clients

If your line of work requires clients to visit your office periodically, you may prefer to rent an office space. Consider that your clients will judge you based on the overall appearance of your home and of your neighborhood. You will need to maintain a spotless home, and your family will need to be quiet when you have clients over. Some clients may not feel comfortable walking into a personal residence. In addition, you may not want your clients to know where you live and to have the ability to drop by at any time.

A Growing Workforce

Your business may have opened as a one-person operation. With success and growth, you may need to hire an assistant, a receptionist or someone else to support your business activities and to serve your clients. Some people create an office space in their home for a second and even a third employee, but this may not be comfortable for them or practical for you and your family. Others may allow their team to work remotely from their own homes. When these are not ideal situations, it may be time to rent an office space.

Outgrowing Your Space

There are other reasons why your business may be outgrowing your home office space. For example, you may need access to additional machines or larger equipment. Perhaps you need a larger work area for all of your creative projects. You can rent a professional space that is more practical for your current and projected future needs.

While working out of the house can reduce overhead, there are many other factors to consider. When this type of work environment is no longer functional or practical, it is time to start looking for an office rental that meets your needs.


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