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How Artificial Intelligence is Becoming Part of Web Development

Web development has transformed from simple static textual based web pages to amazing visuals like animations, illustrations, motion design and much more. Now websites have become a significant image for any brand. As people spend more time surfing the internet, there has been seen a shift in web development industry. Now the websites are more user-friendly and most of them are an ultimate source of generating revenues for businesses. There have been significant AI advancements in every era, currently it is emerging in the mainstream with its roots perpetuating in every high-end business area. According to an estimate “By 2020, AI will rank into top 5 investment priorities for more than 20% of the CIOs.  “

New evolutions in the field of AI have substantially reduced the workload by automating a lot of web development tasks. Today we will analyze how AI has restructured web development industry.

Enhanced User Interactions

These days, websites are loaded with numerous features to provide excellent user experience. There involves a committed dedication of web designers and developers who formulate those functional components for better scope. Not every well performing website is perfect; there is always a need for improvements. As, many businesses are already taking steps to bring automation through AI tools and techniques, web development is also inclining towards more efficient approaches.

According to Gartner “By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human”.

Customers who land with intent often tend to approach search bar of a website as it’s a direct approach to reach a specific product. AI powered semantic search helps analyzing the customer intentions and therefore assists in producing relevant searches that leads to more revenues or leads.

These days, efficient AI tools are helping in predicting customers intentions in advance by tracking down their previous record. Likewise, website managers can manifest those web components that can drive more productivity. Also these tools are leveraging by accentuating the concerning sections of the website.

AI in E-commerce

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Ecommerce has also felt the change when AI got perpetuated in this lucrative business domain. A research session conducted by Conversica namely Smarketing investigated that “80% of the sales and marketing executives said investing in sales or marketing automation tools was their highest priority for improving lead engagement”.

Now AI powered tools are backing up eCommerce stores in multiple ways. Customers are being served with only those products that they will likely to buy. By inducing more personalization through AI tools in the customers shopping journey, merchants can achieve sales gain significantly at higher rates than others, who have not considered utilizing them yet. FME extensions is currently offering high-end tools to bring uprise in your eCommerce sales. To communicate with the customers and to solve their queries fast, merchants tend to use Chatbots that can efficiently handle those queries. They work on pre-fed data and have abilities to interact with more back end applications.

Better User Experience

Integrating AI techniques assists developers in fabricating web designs that resonates with user interests. The intentions of users are measured through real time learning algorithms and the best results get showcased. Websites like YouTube tend to perform on user’s previous history; his/her preferences and watch time etc. to provide suggestions that are most relevant. The platform then manifests promotional ads accordingly and place recommendations based on your watch history.

Tracking Customer behavior

It is quite important to know, how customer will interact with your website.  What are his/intentions and which areas of the website he/she is exploring? Customer often search for the valuable information that could be in the shape of item specifications, pricing and more importantly, reviews if it is a product-based business. Utilizing AI powered tools can help to guide customers acquiring the intended information more rapidly with limited hindrance.

Machine Learning

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These days, robots are taking over the jobs through their extra efficiency and more productivity. Now web developers employing AI tools can create web interfaces that can change in accordance with user’s interests and preferences. Machine learning techniques help to transform websites according to the demographics and regions they are accessed from.

Companies utilize data mining techniques to un-hide valuable data from huge amounts of data. Machine learning techniques works on same principles in order to detect beneficial data patterns, but machine learning based algorithms are able to control the executions of systems that work on data that is being fed. Those machine learning techniques are also employed to increase user engagements with the website.

Deep Learning

It involves training of neural networks as users tend to provide data that is unclassifiable along with the appropriate output. The trained neural networks then recognize the right data from ambiguous one and then return the output accordingly. Web developers are using similar models to simplify the website development tasks that most precisely involve creating wire-frames and then transforming it into amazing web layouts following the entire web development process.

The sketch2code is a revolutionary tool that helps web developers through generating HTML wire-frames from hand drawn images. The whole project model is fed with millions of images to identify patterns in hand drawn designs.

Components that originated through deep learning algorithms are reducing communication gaps between website and its users. Digital assistants like Siri, Cortana and ALexa work on deep learning principles. By understanding the queries through voice conversation these systems are delivering optimized solutions for managing websites having a huge community of users.

Final Words

A developer can become proficient at catering users needs when he/she knows their presences. Integrating AI techniques helps to streamline the entire web development process, while taking care of excellent user experience. For instance take the example of Chatbots that in early stages of adaptation will prove game changers for the next-generation internet users. They are able to provide hassle free communication by predicting the customer reactions. There seems to have major advancements in the AI field and we will stumble upon extraordinary creations that will come into play.