Looking For Bulk Liquid Food Transportation? Here’s What To Do

Filling Special Food and Liquid Transportation Needs

Are you looking for a bulk liquid food grade transportation? Look for a seasoned, licensed transportation company and brokerage service transporting refrigerated food and liquid products. We take each job seriously, or we would not realize enormous company growth and such fantastic success for well over 20 years. Seasoned means, we know our transportation business of food grades tanker freight such as certain oils, cream, milk, and whey. Now the time has come where we want to serve a broader clientele offering on-time logistics while protecting the privacy and confidentiality of each client we serve. We deliver from the source of pickup to its destination promptly with secured contents.

Building a History for Success

We started as a small trucking company known as All-Freight which handles all bulk liquid food grade transportation to over 38 states. More than 20 decades ago All-Freight started out hauling milk from farms. We held places on a board of directors for two dairy plants. The transportation of bulk dairy liquids is most successful with experience, and we have the expertise to make your shipment a success through the knowledge we gained in over 20 years in the industry. We know the needs of the manufacturers and carriers we service.

In the years up to this current date, we offer three different services. The first service is what brought our company to where it is today. We provide a third-party logistics service. We match each client’s refrigerated transportation needs with food grade refrigerated freight transportation services through reefer truck and bulk liquid transport and general cargo. We set our goals on saving clients money and time.

In addition to logistics, our services include refrigerated dairy transportation and drop yard services. By drop yard, we mean that our center is the hub where our clients can hook up trailers and equipment. We use our drop yard as a charging station to repower all equipment. Our hub is where we can maximize hours of service for our drivers. Our drop yard is located behind our offices and is accessed only by limited access and is a secure location.

Our Carriers are of the Best Quality

The carriers we hire must be trained in the industry of refrigerated food transport, have updated insurance coverage, MC license, and Kosher Certificate before we employ them. Make this refrigerated food and bulk liquid freight business the next company to call for safe, secure, and timely refrigerated transportation. Join the loop for updated company information, industry news by submitting a request for Our Newsletter. Give us a call at 270-670-1065 or send us an email at, [email protected]