Why Two-Way Radios are so Essential to Events Management

There are many different kinds of events; from concerts and festivals to comedy gigs, art exhibitions and large sporting events. And, for events of 100 people or more, crowd control and effective communication between event organisers, security workers and other staff can be essential. A device which can help no end is a two-way radio.

Now, more than ever, event organisers are obligated to run safe and secure events for attendees and the general public, but there is also the need to be prepared for any accidents, incidents and emergencies which may occur should something go wrong on the day.

Here, we take a quick look at some of the key benefits of having a set of these devices in use when you’re working in the hospitality or events industry.

GPS tracking is standard on modern radios

Modern digital two-way radios are GPS enabled ‘as standard’, meaning that you can both see when an alert was raised and where it was raised. This is invaluable in helping staff pinpoint exact locations of any incident; be it minor or major in seriousness.

You can also use the GPS functionality to locate and track colleagues, so you know the positions of them at all times – crucial in the management of large events which pull big crowds.

Instant contact with colleagues at the push of a button

Another very useful feature of a two-way radio is that of being able to trigger direct contact with other members of staff at the push of a button; whether it’s a one-to-one call that’s needed, or the ability to contact all colleagues simultaneously.

This is obviously especially useful when there’s a critical need to respond to an emergency or a dangerous situation, and you don’t want to create panic or further alarm amongst your event attendees.

The ability to efficiently organise even the largest of events

Some events are relatively simple to run, whilst others are logistically complex and very detailed in terms of the planning and organisation needed to run them efficiently. In either case, getting the organisation wrong can lead to the event becoming chaotic and possibly even unpleasant for your guests or ticketed customers.

So, to ensure that everything is under control, effective coordination is always needed between the crew managing the event and security staff. In some cases, even vendors in attendance who may be in urgent need of a renewed supply of a food or drink item might benefit greatly from two-way radios being in use!

Whether it’s a small or large-scale affair, it’s clear that two-way radios are invaluable in helping you deal with and solve whatever problem or challenge might arise at your event.

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