Give the Gift of Netflix

Netflix started out as a service that mailed you DVDs that you wanted to see, and you don’t even have to wait long to get it. The service has since morphed into a network of movies, shows and original content that can be streamed from anywhere.

Ever though of sharing this wealth of content with your loved ones as a gift? Whether or not they have seen Netflix shows before doesn’t take away from their appreciation of your investment into their entertainment.

Why you should give the gift of Netflix

There are a couple of cool reasons why you should consider Netflix as a gift. Some of such are:

  • It doesn’t require shipping: This is a great gift for your friends and loved ones abroad. You don’t have to worry about paying exorbitant shipping fees to send a gift overseas. Purchase a subscription for multiple screens and share it over the internet is super quick and easy. A digital gift also avoids carbon footprints and wrapping paper, who doesn’t love a gift that is gentle on the environment?
  • It’s a great fit for a person who has everything: Got a friend who has material abundance? You might not want to contribute to the clutter that’s already sitting in their room. How about a service subscription that breaks away from the norms?
  • It shows how thoughtful you are:Maybe you have a friend who loves Netflix to bits. We are very sure they will keep you in mind whenever they are grabbing yet another show on the subscription you have allowed them.
  • It makes for a great start: You can make history in the life of someone who has never enjoyed Netflix before, especially if they are in another country where it’s usually inaccessible. Don’t worry about the service not being available on their regions too. We will get to that part in a bit.

How you can give Netflix as a gift

There are three main ways by which you can give the gift of Netflix to a loved one.

For one, you can create one of the following tiers of accounts and give them access. You can choose to pay for just as long as your budget allows you. Even if it’s for a couple of months, they will truly appreciate you.

You can even save on the gift if you go for a better subscription plan on Netflix. There are three main plans to choose from:

  • Basic: This plan goes for $7.99 a month and would allow the account run on just one device at once. You should know that HD streaming doesn’t come with this tier
  • Standard: The $10.99/ month plan allows for HD streaming. It is bettered in the way two devices can run on the subscription at once
  • Premium: For $13.99 monthly, you get to enjoy 4K streaming of Netflix content on 4 different devices.

Another away to gift Netflix to someone already using the platform is by buying them gift cards.

They can use these gift cards to make subscriptions as they see fit or make show reservations. They will even love you for it since you have given them the chance to go for what they love best. Indirectly, you got them the best present.

Finally, you can subscribe to the DVD mailing service too. This would be great for those who don’t want to rack up additional data costs for streaming content, or live in a rural area where internet connectivity is not all that great.

Don’t forget to add a VPN

When giving the gift of Netflix, it is recommended that you throw in a VPN optimized for Netflix streamingto the mix. This will come in handy for those living in in regions where the service is not yet supported, or certain content access is restricted. Some shows might be exclusively available in the US, and a VPN tackles just that. They can just connect to a US server and stream content like they were in the States.

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