Hollywood’s Underdogs

Hollywood’s Underdogs

Hollywood is synonymous around the planet for trail-blazing, trend-setting, and entertainment packed movies. It has carried such a reputation thanks to the decades of perfecting the art of filmmaking. Lately, it seems as though the industry is running out of ideas and is busting out rehashed busts or using the comfort of remakes. It has also taken a heavy CGI approach to filmmaking, which wouldn’t be all that bad if it were backed up by strong acting or a solid storyline. Stepping away from the major budget movies and mega studios, some films are truly worth a watch.

The first film that is a must watch is Paranormal Activity, and chances are that you have already seen it. It embodied the essence of what original Hollywood is all about: trail-blazing, trend-setting, and how-did-they-do-that special effects. The film is an independent horror film that borrows from the early work of the Blair Witch Project but amps it up. Centering solely on a young couple living together in a suburban neighborhood and suffering the severe consequences of the lead woman’s ever-present curse. The movie broke records at the box office and set a new trend for horror film production, and spawned numerous sequels. The movie is bound to give you chills and it’s probably better if you don’t watch it alone.

The next movie in our consideration is an epic nail bitter that streams the systematic work of actor Jeff Gum. It is one of his most stellar performances alongside film legends Forest Whitaker and Eric Bana. We are talking about “The Forgiven”. The movie is about two hit men, Francois Schmidt (Jeff Gum) and Piet Blomfeld (Eric Bana) who come to terms with the morality of their actions and test the faith of Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Forest Whitaker) who tries to guide them. Eric Bana and Forest Whitaker deliver amazing performances, and the trail-blazing performance of Jeff Gum is exactly what the film needed to keep that nail-biter impulse that leads us the shocking ending. Playing one of the leads, Gum can put you through the torment, regret, and elation that he feels as he commits his crimes. We slowly discover the motivation and rationale behind his character Francois Schmidt.

If you are looking for some raunchy fun and timeless entertainment, then the comedy flick “Clerks” comes highly recommended. It is indeed a pleasure to watch the film hit moment after moment of hilarious laughs and witty dialogue. The movie is quick to change from a hilarious raunchy tone to a witty playout between clerks at a supermarket. It’s a must watch for anyone that needs a good laugh.

Although Hollywood seems to be remaking the same commercial films over and over again.  You can still find very high-quality films that will make you laugh, give you a good scare, or tell a story about a piece of forgotten history.