rewrite paper to avoid plagiarism

How to Rewrite Paper to Avoid Plagiarism?

If you want a good review of your paper, you are going to be required to rewrite some content you found on another resource. Plagiarism is a serious offense in writing and can cost you a lot of points. You need to rewrite paper to avoid plagiarism and it is a worth spending time on. Being able to come up with your own facts is not easy. That is why we do a lot of research before writing. We cannot use a lot of the information we find without paraphrasing. Here are ways you can rewrite your paper.

Start with a full paragraph

A lot of writers paraphrase by using a sentence at a time. This is not an effective way to go about it. You need to consider an entire paragraph to understand the full concept. If you look at a few paraphrasing tips you will notice this point a lot. Rewriting is all about using original content and changing the words without changing the message. This can be tricky at first, but you can master it with constant practice. Even though one sentence may seem like it communicates the overall concept, it can change in the next sentence.

Focus on the main idea

You cannot rewrite content if you do not understand the main focus of the original paper. Read the entire paper a few times before you start the paraphrasing process. This should communicate what the writer is trying to say. When you have this main concept embedded in your brain, the rewriting process becomes more streamlined. An online paraphrase editor does the same. It takes the overall concept as a starting point and then uses the paragraph by paragraph approach.

Make changes if needed

Even if you are rewriting content, you should also be able to make a few changes. Do not be bound by every sentence. You can make small changes and still keep the original message the same. We all have different writing styles. You want to focus on the idea and facts in the paper, but you need to give it your own touch. One way of doing this is by making small changes that differentiates you from the original writer.

Print out the original paper

Jumping between tabs when you are rewriting can be frustrating. Instead, get a hard copy that you can use when rewriting. Having it right beside you on your desk while typing is much easier. You can scratch out paragraphs as you complete it. This puts you back in control. Paraphrasing is a tedious task and many writers opt to use paraphrasing tools or editors. If you want to complete the task yourself, find ways to make it easier to complete.

Why paraphrasing is important

When using content from another source, paraphrasing is going to be necessary. You do not want to add too many quotations or references to your rewritten paper. Instead, try to paraphrase. This will make the content seem more unique to you. You just have to make a few adjustments and add some personality to your paper. Paraphrasing a skill worth mastering. You will use it throughout your career. Start by paraphrasing some unimportant content as a practice run. From there, you can easily take on bigger tasks.