Top 25 Best Blog Post Ideas and Templates You Can Use

Did you know that there are over 2.7 million blog posts published every single day?

It’s getting more and more important to have interesting post ideas that will stand out and attract readers.

If you focus on providing quality content that speaks to your audience, develop a unique brand, you can stand out from the crowd. But sometimes creating fresh blogging ideas can be difficult. Especially when you’ve already used up all your ideas.

We have brought together what we feel are the 25 best blog post ideas. When you create great content that is useful to your readers, you can expect a greater flow of organic traffic.

You can use these blog post ideas as a template for creating great content for your blog.

Here they are!

25 Blog Post Ideas:

1. List Posts – List posts give readers information in a clear, organized fashion. List posts are popular because they categorize information and are easy to understand.

2. Definition – Just as you might think, a definition post explains the meaning of something. Try to find something that a lot of people in your niche are looking for. You can use Google Keyword Tool to look for keywords that ask this type of question. If you find a keyword that starts with “what is,” you know that this is a question your audience is having.

3. Comparison – This is where you can directly contest two or more topics in your niche. These types of posts are useful for showing your readers the differences, and similarities between topics.

4. Review Post – A review is a classic way to provide your opinions on a specific product or service. Give a summary of what you liked and disliked, describe your experiences, and then say if you would recommend it or not. This can also be a way to make money blogging as you can recommend products.

5. Before and After Post – Before and after blog posts are a good way to make an example or prove a point. Also, they’re interesting.

6. Story Post – Nothing relates to others like a good story. Use a story as a blog post to get a point across, or convey meaning in an entertaining way.

7. How to Post – Like the name suggest, this type of blog post topic gives your readers instructions on how to do something. You can also use the keyword planner to get some inspiration for these posts. Searches with the words “how to” in them represent readers looking for information, and your job in this instance is to present it to them clearly.

8. Case Study – A case study is a great way to provide an example to your readers.

9. Contest Post – Contests are a great way to encourage interaction with your viewers, and also attract new ones.

10. Best of/Top 10 Post – Another form of a list post, a best-of list is a collection of the most helpful resources or top products. Your readers will be looking for answers, and this type of blog post is a good way to tell them what is useful in your niche.

11. Quotes Post – Everyone likes quotes. They are short and convey useful information or wisdom to people. Compile a list of quotes that your readers might find relevant.

12. Interview Post – By interviewing a trusted figure in your niche, you can add credibility and informative content to your blog. There are many ways to do an interview blog post. For example, you could make a video, do a podcast, or just a written interview.

13. Profile – Describe someone you know or someone who is a leader in your niche.

14. Guide – Similar to a how to post, a guide is a popular post type that walks the reader through a particular task. This is where you can use your knowledge or experience in your subject to help your readers. This post can be valuable in attracting and growing traffic to your site.

15. Question and Answer – Take some questions on a topic and answer them in a post. This is a good way to directly answer problems your readers might be having and at the same time create interesting content for your blog.

16. Resource Page – Create a list of resources in your niche to help your readers.

17. Vlog – If you are looking for a fresh way to engage your readers, you may want to consider making a video for your blog. Videos instantly engage your readers and can give them a break from all the reading.

18. Quiz – Offer your readers a quiz so that they can test their skills. Going even further, you could have the quiz as a follow up to another blog post you wrote. This is a good way to summarize what the reader has learned.

19. Infographic – Infographics are proven to get lots of shares. According to Unbounce, publishers who post infographics grow their traffic an average of 12% more than those who don’t.

20. Experience – Describe an experience you had in detail. Tell a story and let your readers know how it turned out. Think about what you learned, what you would have done differently, and if you would do it again.

21. News – Writing a blog post about an event can be a good way to attract traffic to your blog.

22. Challenge – You could create a challenge and then write about it. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers and come up with something they would find interesting.


23. Opinion – Share an opinion on a specific topic.

24. Myth vs Fact – Investigate if something is merely a myth or a fact. These types or blog posts are interesting and can be used to add contrast to your blog.

25. Book Review – This type of review deserves a mention by itself. Write about a book and describe if you liked it or not. Provide a brief summary of what you liked, what you didn’t like, and if you would recommend it to others.


Now you have plenty of ideas for creating an engaging blog post. With the right resources, you can build a blog that gets shared and attracts lots of traffic.

Make sure you are creating great content that is useful to your audience. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what problems they are having and answers they are seeking. Stay relevant to your blog topic and be the expert.

Use resources such as keyword research tools to see what readers in your blog niche are looking for. This can be a valuable way to satisfy the needs of your viewers, and attract traffic to your blog.

You can use these blog post ideas as much as you like to create your content. They are an effective way to present your material and organize your thoughts. Be diligent and create lots of high-quality posts, and you will be building a blog that your audience will want to read.

What is your favourite blog post idea from this list? What blog posts have worked for you in the past?