Dresses, Gadgets and Coffee? The Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas That Millennial On Your List

The holidays are upon us, and whether you’re ready or not, it’s time to prepare your shopping list. You may be debating what to get that indecisive millennial on your list. After all, they are the generation known for their frugality, social media use, and constant interest shifts. Shopping for a millennial can be a tough hill to climb for any well-meaning holiday gift giver, so here are some ideas that any newly-minted adult would love to find under the tree.

A coffee subscription service

Who doesn’t love coffee? Getting your favorite millennial a coffee subscription service will ensure they have a fresh cup of coffee waiting for them every morning. You’ll be able to choose how often they get the coffee beans delivered to their door, and be able to play with flavors, origins, and blends. The best thing is, coffee is the perfect drink all year round, so if you wanted to go all out, you could create a yearly subscription for quite the delicious gift that keeps on giving.

An all-in-one home workout kit

Gym memberships are incredibly expensive nowadays, so more people are working out at home. Giving the gift of a workout from home kit will allow your millennial to work on their fitness while still staying at home in their pajamas. You can even customize what you want to include in the kit; anything from resistance bands, workout DVDs, a yoga mat, a balancing ball, and even some trendy workout clothes all go together depending on how the recipient likes to workout.

Fun kitchen gadgets

No matter if they still live at home or not, quirky and fun appliances are the way to go this holiday season. Mini popcorn makers, espresso machines (to go with your coffee subscription), waffle makers in nostalgic shapes, funny salt and pepper shakers, and a stovetop pizza oven all are interesting and thoughtful gift ideas. You can even go the next step and get them the supplies they need to start their herb garden, to inspire them to cook even more!

A unique outfit

If you want to go the personalized route, consider getting your millennial a unique outfit. Style them from head-to-toe; there are plenty of boutique dresses to choose from online, along with winter-appropriate booties and boots, tights, scarves, and jewelry. This would be an especially good idea if you wanted to add the outfit to tickets to an event, such as a ballet or a theatre performance that you can attend together. This way, the recipient gets two gifts in one, and you get a bit of the festive cheer as well.

A journal and personalized stationery

People don’t tend to buy stationery and journal materials for themselves so that they can make great gifts. Plus, you can get creative with this and design anything from business cards to notepads for their desk at work to an embossed journal with their name and engraved pens and pencils. They’ll think of you everytime they use these pieces, and all of their friends will be jealous they don’t have something as personalized and special.

An Airbnb gift card

Give the gift of travel by giving an Airbnb gift card so your millennial won’t have to pay for accommodations when they go exploring. Airbnb is one of the most established accommodation websites around, and they can be found in cities all over the world. You can even have your entire gift revolve around travel including luggage tags, plug adapters, passport covers, and even a new carry on bag, and have the gift card be the highlight.

With these gifts under the tree, you’ll be sure to please any millennial this holiday season. So happy giving and happy holidays!