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Nootropics, The Brain Pills And Their Effects On Brain

Nootropics were first coined by a Roman chemist and psychologist Corneliu E. Giurgea from the Greek words nous for the mind and Trepein for bend or turn, which makes it mind bending. These are drugs that promise to boost your brain function, particularly the creativity, memory, and motivational areas in a healthy brain.

So much debate has been going around them especially for the more recently made ones that is still under scientific scrutiny and their long-term side-effects are still unclear. It is scary to think that some of these nootropics may be very bad for you and no one knows it yet.

You will not be seeing recent ones in this article. We will focus on the safe way to boost your brain with well-established drugs, supplements, and substances.

Common brain killers

We are surrounded by brain-damaging substances and we don’t even realize it. Here is a list of brain killing stuff that might be in your house right now. Ethanol – it is found mostly in drinking alcohol. If you want to be smart, don’t drink this. It does more brain damage than you think.

Heavy metals – you won’t see mercury that much but others might still be there like fluoride, lead, and arsenic. Fluoride is a neurotoxin, believe this and not those misleading ads and commercials. DDE and DDT – some foods have this because of overuse in the late 20th century as a pesticide. The substance is hard to expel once it gets in the body and it is known to damage the brain’s dopaminergic system leading to Parkinson’s disease.

Botulinum toxin – Botox, yes, this is Botox or BTX. The injection that makes us look plastic but beautiful is a neurotoxin. This toxin gives you muscle paralysis by inhibiting the brain-muscle communication.

Natural brain pills

Everything good for us comes from nature and there are plenty of nature derived brain boosters out there. The best brain food would be olive oil, coconut oil, wild salmon, eggs, turmeric, beet, walnuts, dark chocolate, almonds, avocado, red wine, coffee, tea, pumpkin seeds, spinach, broccoli, kale, jicama/Mexican yam, and fermented foods with probiotic bacteria.

These foods contain vitamins, minerals, and other substances important to a healthy brain. You should look for these in your next food shopping spree. If you can’t get them all or if they are uncommon then it is just right to find that brain-boosting pill.

Here is the list on what to look for:

Omega-3 DHA fatty acid – for normal metabolism and plenty of good health benefits.

Antioxidants – oxidation inhibitors that minimize damaging chemical reactions in our bodies.

Vitamin B complex – for cell metabolism.

Vitamin D – for increased intestinal absorption of minerals and cell proliferation.

Vitamin E – lessens free radicals and improve smooth muscle growth.

Vitamin K – for complete protein synthesis and cardiovascular calcification and stiffening.

Natural sugars/glucose – with the formula C6H12O6, the body and brain’s natural fuel.

Phytochemicals – from natural sources are needed by the body for better function.

Oleocanthal – anti-inflammatory and regulates protein in the body.

Resveratrol – plant’s natural anti-pathogen chemical.

Catechins – helps maintain normal red blood cells and blood circulation.

Chlorogenic acid – slightly reduces blood pressure and might have anti-inflammatory effects.

Curcumin – Turmeric has been the anti-Alzheimer in the Indian community since the days when the Veda was being written.

Medium-chain triglycerides/MCTs – the other source of fuel for the body aside from glucose.

Nootropics, the brain pill guide

Students are unable to get all those substances due to budget and time so they opt for the pill. They will not make you smart fast but they can help you maximize the potentials of your brain when you take them properly and you still need to exercise your brain. Always ask for your doctor’s assistance before taking in any of these pills, safety first.

The following are the common ones:

Piracetam/ Nootropil – the first one to be discovered and the one recommended for beginners.

NooCube – for brain cell growth and better brain-body communication.

Phenylpiracetam – protects the brain while boosting memory and cognition as well as physical performance. This one is great for sports players and active persons.

Mind Lab Pro – for memory boost, brain growth, and brain protection

Brain pill knowledge

Before you take in any of this mind improving and brain-boosting drugs, consult with your doctor. Not all things in the market is safe when they are taken in a stack or in wrong doses. Research first about the effects and side-effects of the nootropics and other brain-boosting supplements as to not waste money and time buying them.

You can also turn to a nutritionist to guide you for proper brain-food intake and not just rely on pills for your body and brain’s needs. View those pills as a booster when your food might not give you enough of your daily needs. Take in the proper dosage on the proper time, things become bad when taken in wrong dosages.

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