Difference In Present Education And Old Education

I have always been intrigued by intelligence. When I was a child, my mother referred to me as “smart,” but I quickly noticed that all parents referred to their children as intelligent. In time, I discovered that all children are not smart, just as all children are not cute. If that were the case, we would have a world full of smart people – we do not work with Significant synonym.

Some of us are smart. But not as smart as we think, others are smarter than they seem, which makes me wonder, how can we identify smart? What makes a person smarter than the other? When is “smarts street” more important than the “Book of Intelligence”? Can you be smart and stupid? Is it more intelligent than the direct influence of the heredity, or individual environment?

Then there are issues of education, intelligence, and wisdom.

What does it mean to be highly educated? What is the difference between being highly educated and highly intelligent? Does the learner make you highly educated? Are you very intelligent? Can one be very intelligent without being highly educated? Does intelligence mean anything? What makes a person wise? Why is wisdom usually associated with aging? And more downloadhackedgames com

My desire to find answers to these questions was inspired by long hours of intensive research that included reading six books, hundreds of research papers and countless hours on the Internet. Which is dwarfed by the age of studies and research that pioneered the fields of intelligence and education such as Howard Gardner, Richard Sternberg, and Linda S. Gottfredson, Thomas Swell, Alvie Kun and Dean F Halperin whose work is mentioned in this article?

My goal was simple: to compile, compose and display data on what it means to be intelligent, educated and intelligent so that it can be understood and used by anyone for their benefit.

Prenatal care

With this in mind, there was no better (or more convenient) place to start from at the beginning of our existence: as a jinn in the womb.

There is growing evidence that consumption of food containing high iron content before and during pregnancy is critical to building the brain before birth. The researchers found a strong correlation between low iron levels during pregnancy and low IQ. Foods rich in iron include the beans, beans, beans, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, seafood, nuts, dried fruit, oatmeal, and fortified cereals.

Children with low iron level (uterine) had a decrease in each test and had the significantly lower linguistic ability, precise motor skills, and mobility than children with high levels of prenatal iron. In essence, proper prenatal care is critical to the development of cognitive skills Clash of Clans.

Cooperative skills

Cognitive skills are the basic mental abilities we use to think, study, and learn. They include a wide range of mental processes used to analyze sounds and images, recall information from memory, establish links between different parts of information, and maintain focus on specific tasks. Can be identified and measured individually. The strength and efficiency of knowledge skill are directly related to the ease of learning of students.

  • Drinking and pregnancy and its intellectual effect
  • Drinking during pregnancy is not smart. He is stupid.

Study in Alcoholism: Clinical and experimental research found that even light to moderate drinking – especially during the second trimester – is associated with lower IQ in offspring at ten years of age. The result was particularly clear among African Americans, not Caucasians.

“IQ is a measure of the ability of the child to learn and stay in the environment. It is expected the potential of success in school and everyday life. Although a small percentage but large children are diagnosed with syndrome of fetal abuse (FAS) says Jennifer Wilford, assistant professor of psychiatry at “Every year, many children are exposed to alcohol during pregnancy who do not meet the FAS criteria, yet suffer from a lack of growth and cognitive function,” said the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Says Paul D. Connor, clinical director of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Unit and assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington, on the subject:

“There are some areas of cognitive functions that can be weakened even in the face of a relatively normal IQ, including academic achievement (special account), and performance adjustment, executive functions (the ability to solve problems and learn from experience.) Can deficit in intellectual performance and achievement and adaptive The executive will make it difficult to manage finances appropriately, work independently without assistance, and understand the consequences – or respond appropriately to mistakes.

This is the main result that speaks directly to the (psychological) definition of intelligence that was discussed later in this article.