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Great Tips You Should Follow When Setting An Indoor Garden

If you wish to add some greenery and life into your home, then you should opt for an indoor garden. Indoor gardens can definitely make your home more welcoming. They require low maintenance and can be set anywhere you want in your home. Here you will find some tips for indoor gardens that you will find useful when setting yours.

Which is the right place for your indoor garden?

When it comes to choosing the right spot for an indoor garden, there are several things to consider. First of all, you will have to find a good spot, where it won’t obstruct your movement and you won’t bump accidentally into the pot. Then, of course, you should choose the spot according to the amount of light it gets.

Some plants require direct light and the best choice for them can be the windowsill or somewhere close to a window. Some plants will require an indirect light which means that they should be kept a few feet away from the sun at all times. And yet there are plants that don’t require direct sunshine and the right spot for them can be under the stairs.

Under the stairs garden is a great way to beautify your home and thus use that empty space. Also, if you want the plants to grow well you should also consider the temperature in the room. Make sure you don’t place them in draughty areas or somewhere near ducted heat or air-conditioning outlets.

Choose the right planters

Just like when decorating an outdoor garden, an indoor garden will require suitable planters for different kinds of plants. Terracotta pots are of course the most common choice and they can be found in versatile sizes.

Besides terracotta pots, you can also make some planters on your own. For instance, you can reuse plastic bottles or mason jars. Feel free to paint the bottles or jars in any color you like to make them more outstanding. Or you can even attach a rope or chain and thus make some hanging planters.

Hanging planters are a great choice for small apartments so that you can save on floor space. You can hang them from the ceiling or maybe on the wall and thus use them to decorate the empty wall.

Take care of the plants

In order to have a beautiful indoor garden, you should, of course, take care of the plants. Make sure they get the needed amount of sunlight as well as water so that they can grow well. If you plant in big pots you should know that too much soil can hold too much water and this can rot the roots of the plant.

Terracotta pots are the type of pots that can hold moisture longer, which can be an advantage for you if you are quite forgetful about watering your plants. Also, make sure that you choose pots with a drainage hole on the bottom. You can also water your plants with ice cubes. Just place a couple on top of the pot soil and leave them to melt.

During the winter time, plants are dormant and should be moved to a cooler position, since they are don’t need much sunlight. At this period, you should also reduce the amount of water and fertilizer you provide, in order to prevent diseases such as mold or root rot.

To sum up, an indoor garden will definitely beautify your home. The above tips are some of the best ones you can follow in order to grow the plants well and at the same time add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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