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Creative Ways To Turn Clay Pots Into Various Garden Decorations

When it comes to clay pots, the first thing that usually comes to your mind is using them for planting flowers. This is, of course, their primary purpose, but they are also many versatile ways of how to repurpose them. They can be easily turned into versatile garden decorations, as well as into several decorations for your home. Let’s check out several such ideas and get inspired to repurpose the clay pots too.

DIY Clay Pot People

Your garden or front yard decorations should express your creativity and one way to make it look more fun is with some clay pot people. You won’t need any special skills to make such decorations. Also, they won’t cost you much, since the main materials used are clay pots, rope, wire, and paint. Clay pots can be found in different sizes, so you can use the bigger ones for the head and body and smaller ones for the legs and arms.

DIY Fairy Garden Out Of A Broken Pot

In case you have a broken pot, don’t throw it away but make a fairy garden out of it. The pot will be the base for your fairy garden and the rest of the decor will depend on your imagination and creativity. You can use soil and different plants and flowers, as well as some tiny houses, dwarf statues, artificial mushrooms, tiny stones, birdhouses etc., to make it look more magical.

Garden Edging

Edging is an important part of your garden decor. It is used to set barriers and thus define the flower bed. And yes, there are different materials you can use for garden edging, including stones, wood logs, bricks, glass bottles or of course clay pots. Mini clay pots are the best choice for this purpose and there is nothing difficult in making a garden edging out of them.

Tiered Planters

If you do choose to use clay pots for planters, then maybe you can try to use them for tiered planters. Such planters are a great alternative to vertical gardening and are a perfect choice when you are short on ground space. Choose to plant the same plants at all levels, or maybe different ones. Also, you can easily paint and decorate the pots in the way you like and thus make them look even more outstanding.

Clay pots can be used in various ways to decorate your garden. Just be creative and turn them into any decoration you like. The above ideas are just some of the many you can find all over the Web, so hopefully, you will get inspired from them.

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