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How to Take Proper Care of Your Roof Throughout the Year

Just like the foundation keeps you house standing tall, the roof protects it from above so the structure would stay strong and its inhabitants sheltered. But the house is something you need to care of regularly in order to prevent problems and expensive repairs. Contrary to popular belief, the roof is not hard to take care of and can save you from some serious trouble.

Proper care of your roof throughout the year will also make you exterior more appealing and in good shape. So, here are some ways to make sure your roof is in the best possible condition and that it’s still a great protector of your house.

Remove debris from the roof

It’s normal to find branches and leaves on your roof, especially before winter. Wait for the sunny day or at least when there is no rain to remove this debris. Remember that leaves are slippery when wet so be careful not to slip and fall off the roof.

Check the gutters as well, since this is where everything that falls from the roof accumulated and can create a blockage. Do this several times during autumn since that is the period when most leaves fall and the rainy season is at its strongest. Also, check to see if birds created nests in your chimney, gutters, or on the roof and safely and responsibly remove them or call animal control to do it.

Remove the moss in time

Moss is another matter you need to look for, although many people decide to leave it alone. However, moss collects water which means that it piles up on tiles and wooden shingles, it can create the deterioration. It’s easier to remove it as early as possible since you can simply swipe it from the roof.

In case there is a lot of it, use products that will kill the moss first before its removal in order to effectively destroy it from the roof. Once you are moss-free, install zinc stripes on the roof which are eco-friendly and practical way to prevent moss from developing. Just make sure you are familiar with the environmental warnings on performing moss removal to avoid polluting the house surroundings.

Prune the trees

If you have trees around your house, pay close attention to their branches since those can cause quite a damage to the roof. However, make sure you know regulations before you do this since pruning trees that don’t belong to you can be considered as breaking the law. For example, it is an offense to injure or destroy a boundary tree in Ontario, Canada based on the Ontario Forestry Act.

Wind will move the branches that will, in turn, hit your roof and damage its surface which can cause expensive and considerable damage. If the tree belongs to your neighbor, ask them nicely to trim the tree or to give you the permission to do it, although you can cut the branches growing over your fence. If you are unsure what to do, consult the law and regulations that apply to your area of residence.

Don’t delay roof restoration

Roofs have an expiration date, like anything else and especially if you didn’t take good care of them throughout the year. When part of the roof collapsed or has rotted away, it is time for restoration. Sometimes you may need to restore just a part of the roof, to prevent re-roofing the whole thing which can be really expensive. You may want to think about doing lead roofing since it has proven to be a method that will take your mind of thinking about roof restoration for some longer period.

Repair immediately

If one tile breaks, repair it immediately. Pots and pans can collect the water from the leaking roof, but water in the walls can cause structural damage and mold. Both are damaging to your health, and won’t simply go away but can create more problems in the roofing system.

Replacing one or two tiles is less expensive than having to repair the damages caused by the prolonged exposure to the elements. Electrical installations are also in danger of water and humid conditions, but negligence can also cause your roof to collapse which can endanger lives. Therefore, at the first sign of even the smallest problem, call the repairman or fix it yourself if you know how.

Don’t forget about your roof during the year, even if you didn’t have any leaks during the rain and snow season. Timely repair of even the smallest problems can save you a lot of money and time in the long run. Proper care of your roof is not expensive and will only take a portion of your time, while a complete re-roofing is a very pricey ordeal.

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