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You’ve Already Made the Sale, What’s Next?

Why After-Sale Customer Service is Vital

Your customer leaves your online shop with a bag full of merchandise and you know, in your heart, that they’re probably happy, satisfied, and pleased with their purchases. You feel like you did everything in your power to help them during their process, their experience was pleasant, and you think they’ll probably want to shop with you again.

So, what’s next?

After-Sale Customer Service.

This strategy is a service you offer your customer after they’ve left the shop, bought their items, and are on their merry way. This make sure that your customers are satisfied with the products or services you offered, and to help guarantee that any negative experiences they were put through are remedied.

Practicing this method of customer service is vital to the success of a business. We’ve partnered with JJ’s House Manager Jason and VeryVoga Manager Yvonne to explain to you why this technique matters.

It Says a lot About Your Brand

How you interact with your customers when they’re not actively shopping or interacting with your business is going to say a lot about your brand. Further, checking in on them to ensure they’re experience was a positive one, their products or services are satisfactory, and to let them know they’re you’re thinking of them is going to show customers, both present and future ones, that your values go above and beyond other businesses in your industry. “Making this a part of your regular customer service routine shows your clients that your brand is different than the other brands in your industry,” said Jason from JJ’s House. “It generates loyal customers, increases the brand values, and sets you apart from your competitors.”

It Can Score You Repeat Customers

When you take the time to check in on customers after they’ve already made their purchases, they see that you’re not just trying to make a sale. This shows customers that you actually care about them, their experience, and how they feel about the way they were treated by your company. This strengthens the bond between organization and customer, creates a firm loyalty, and makes your brand appeal to them above others. All of these factors will certainly contribute to their willingness and desire to buy from you again!

It Lands You Positive Word of Mouth Reviews

“A satisfied customer isn’t just going to sit down and not tell people about their experience with your brand,” said Yvonne, from VeryVoga. “A satisfied customer that feels cared about is going to tell their friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues – whoever – about a company that made them feel important. That’s just what people do.” By reaching out to clients, checking in on them, making sure their satisfied, and more, you’re opening the door for those clients to feel important, which they’ll likely want to spread to their circle, ultimately scoring you a better chance at accessing new markets and audiences.